Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sounds Like Rain to Me

Hey, Y'all,
Sounds from the outside resemble the patter of rain on the roof. The light coming in past the curtains looks rather dreary as well. My sneezer is active this morning, as well. Looks to be a quiet day here after I make my run to the grocery store.

Sunday here was very quiet, no one to talk to except myself or Gramps. Nope, I take that back, because I did get to chat with Teresa online for a few hours. It seems there are a lot of days that Gramps is about the only one I see.

Monday morning, I got up and had breakfast and went to pick up a prescription that had been messed up last week, not their fault, but mine for not having been more clear with them. I had just asked them to refill three prescriptions, and one of them which had been filled several months ago, the doctor had written for a large size, and at that time, I had them change it for a smaller size pill (via a change by the doctor). When I asked them to refill the medication, they went with the original size, and I didn't check it until a couple of days later at home. I took it back last week, and they said, sorry, but unless the doctor changes the prescription, we can't fill it and we can't take back a filled prescription once it leaves the store. If I had just given them the prescription number of the meds I wanted refilled, it would have been okay, but, duh! I didn't. Anyway, that was all straightened out, and after visiting the drug store for my refilled Rx, I went to the doctor's office to pick up a copy of my blood work report that I had had done last week.

I was pleased to see on the report that my liver enzymes had gone down 134 points from the blood work a month earlier, after the doctor had taken me off my cholesterol medication at that time. they are now only about twice what is normal, and that is good. It means my liver is healing from the surgery that I had 9 months ago. Isn't that wonderful? God is so good! Thank you, Jesus!

After I left the doctor's office, I stopped by and visited with my good friend, Marian McDonald, who is also Judy's mama. Marian is 91 and still going pretty strong. She is working on making small quilts to give away. In her lifetime, she has worked as a professional seamstress, and is quite talented at sewing (of course).

Later in the day, I prepared supper for us and the neighbors who eat with us each Monday evening. We had Stouffer's lasagna, green beans, garlic toast, and then had chocolate eclair dessert which I had made early on Monday morning soon after getting up. Then, after loading the dishwasher (which Scott and Laurie did for me), we sat down to play dominoes, and the time passed, oh, too quickly!

Yesterday was very quiet, too, and after I had breakfast, I went for my appointment with the eye doctor. He gave me the full eye exam, and was flummoxed because he couldn't improve my distant vision any. He said my corneal atrophy seems to be a little worse, but not much. I know that is what is affecting my distant vision. When I told him I plan to be driving to Texas in May, he said, "Now, you be careful driving." I replied that I always am and would he like me to call him when I get out there, since he is so concerned. He just laughed and said there was no need to do that. I know he was thinking that I was being a smart aleck. Ha ha. As the girls would say, I am quite adept at that. Gramps got up for breakfast around noon, just about the time I got back. I cooked some hamburgers so I could have one for lunch, and so I ate my lunch while he had his breakfast. Then he went back to bed, so I went to my computer for awhile. I did take the time to accurately plan the construction of the baby quilt I am making for Allie's new grandson out in California. Now, all I have to do today is to begin putting it together.

Today, after I have breakfast, I will make my little foray out into the weather and make my trip to the grocery or Walmart one, and get what I need for supper on Friday, when Judy and Gene, and Mark and Allie come for supper, along with other stuff that I need to replenish my larder (oooh, that is a nasty sounding word, isn't it?) and my fridge.

Tomorrow, we are going in to Knoxville for our eating out and movie day with Mae and Imazo. I plan to sew this afternoon. Oh, yeah, Gramps woke up this morning about 5 a.m. and got up, and as he was getting up, he said, "who are you in that bed over there?". I said, "who do you think it is?". He said, "It sounds like my wife."
I replied, "Yep, you got that right". When he came back, he started telling me about the dream he had just awakened from. He had been in the post office and said he had bought a newspaper and ran into a fellow (whom he named) and this fellow had been the postmaster a long time ago. Gramps said that he (himself) had put the paper over his head to keep the rain off of his head.

Then Gramps said that the doorway across our room is just like the one in our bedroom, and I said, this is our bedroom, and we are at home. He said, "Okay, we can go back to sleep then, can't we?" I said, "yes, why don't we do that?" So we did.

Well, enough of this rambling on, because I need to get on with the day, and get my breakfast out of the way. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. More later. Much love to each of you. Bye for now.


Barbara said...

Good morning,You sound chipper this morn.Hope you have a great day.We meant to go to see Imazo this week but didn't get to,Joann who takes Dorothy and myself up that way couldn't go cause her father-in-law passed maybe we can do it later.This week was spring break,that was why we were going now.Have a happy day.Love Barbara

arlee bird said...

You're gonna drive to Texas? Not by yourself I hope. You be careful, like the doctor said.

Grammy said...

To Arlee, No I won't be alone but will have Gramps with me, who is in first stages of dementia, but doesn't drive. It would probably be much easier just by myself, but he wanted us to drive so that he could see the countryside. I figure it will be the last time we could do this, so, for his sake, we drive this time. I will be very careful, and have done the drive many times over the years. Thanks for your concern and best wishes. TN said...

Hi Grammy, glad to see you doing well. You be careful on your way to Texas. You can call me when you get there if you want to. Isn't your car a Prius? I heard they are recalling them because of the gas pedal sticking. I thought of you immeadiately when I heard that news. My daughter just bought a new Toyota Corolla (sp) It was recalled because of some malfunction. She has already had it in the garage to be checked. What's going on with the car industry?

christine.brooks said...

Hiya. I just wanted to tell you that BJ says thank you for the quilt. We got to look at it and keep it out for 1 day before getting dogs over, so we put it in the closet so it won't get messed up.

BJ misses you and sends his love. Hope you have had a good week so far :)

Love, Christine and BJ