Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Oh, Spring - Where Art Thou?

Hey, Y'all,
It seems winter is reluctant to let go of the season, and just keeps hanging on! We had some snow on Sunday, and it was down below 40 degrees last night, and the wind has been really busy blowing about the eaves of the house.

Yesterday I spent some time making a key lime pie (new recipe for me) but it turned out well, and was enjoyed by both us and our neighbors. I only told Laurie what I was making and so the rest of the family had fun guessing what kind of pie it was when I brought it out of the fridge. Of course, I had made meringue for the topping and they could tell it was a cream pie of some time, but could not figure out the kind it was. It was a lot of fun!

I had added a half of a Polska Kielbasa to the potato soup. I had cut it into small pieces, and it really added to the flavor of the soup. I also added a small amount of dried tarragon and it added to the flavor as well. We had salads that we built ourselves using mandarin orange slices, bacon bits, dried cherry-cranberry-pecan mixture, feta cheese crumbles with basil and dried tomato. We also had hot cornbread to eat with the soup. It was all really good.

After we were stuffed to the gills, so to speak, we cleared off the table and Laurie loaded the dishwasher for me. We then brought out the game of Aggravation, which is one of our favorites to play, and played for about an hour.

Today, I was up early this morning, cleaned off the kitchen counter, and unloaded the dishwasher. Then I sat down and had my breakfast, and proceeded then to do Gramps' laundry. There is more laundry to do today, and I plan on doing some sewing today and balancing my checkbook.

Gramps is still in bed, and will probably be there a while. I suggested to him yesterday that we choose a soap opera to watch each day and that would be something he could look forward to watching every day. We could join all the other millions of seniors who watch a soaper and discuss what they think will happen to the characters. Ha ha. I did get him into the shower yesterday. He is sometimes reluctant to do so.

I was up at 6:30 this morning, and to bed late last night. I will probably take a nap sometime later today. However, that is what retired people do sometimes, isn't it? It is not like we are punching a time clock per se. Of course, as we get on in life, we are literally punching a timer. However, we try not to think of that, don't we?

Well, not much happening today around here. It is still cool outside. I bought a new wind chime a couple of weeks ago, and Laurie helped me hang it the next day. I now have at least 6 wind chimes hanging on my front porch. They really ring out when the wind is blowing. Ooops! I think that is where I began today, so it is probably a good place to end for now. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. More later. Much love to each of you. Bye for now.



Hello Ruby what a pleasure to read your post.
Sorry you have snow, we have very high winds and rain and it's cold.
We have to adjust our clocks this week-end to British Summer Time, lol.
Gramps is in the best place in this sort of weather, I hope he is well likewise yourself.
Take care and be Happy.

Clara....in TN said...

We had snow showers also. It felt like the middle of winter.