Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yippee! Out Amongst 'em Again

Hey, Y'all,
At last, I was able to get out amongst people yesterday, and was it ever great! Gramps and I headed out to Knoxville yesterday morning and after picking up Mae (my sister-in-law) and going on to Imazo's house (another sister-in-law), I switched cars with Imazo's and the four of us went to a favorite place to eat. Yes, yes, it was the Cracker Barrel and I had the wonderful chicken pot pie that is their special for lunch on Wednesday's.

While we were there, a lady came in and sat at another table and Mae recognized her as Libby B. and I said, "you mean that is Elizabeth Ann B?" She said yes so I had to get up and go over and talk to her. I had not seen Elizabeth for many years. She and I lived across the street from each other from the time that I was 9 until I was 14 and moved to New Market. We walked to school together during that time, and had some wonderful times together. We intend now to keep in touch and talk over what has happened in the years in between.

After we left the Cracker Barrel, we went back to Imazo's and watched a movie that I had brought with me. It was the Steve Martin movie called "The Pink Panther". We really laughed a lot and enjoyed the slapstick comedy.

When the movie was over, I took Mae home and then came back for Gramps and we went home.

At home, I began ripping out the decorative stitching on BJ's quilt so that I can put a new one in before I send it on. I now lack only 11 squares to finish the stitching around the flowers. The reason I am ripping out the decorative stitching around the border of the quilt is that my old machine died on me before I had finished the border stitching and the new machine doesn't quite do that stitch. I want it to be uniform, so there you go.

This morning, after breakfast, I had my grocery list ready and in hand (or in my jacket pocket) and loaded the 3 bags of trash into the back of my little jitney, and headed out. How wonderful to be able to get out and not worry about ice on the roads.

Would you believe it took me two hours and I wound up with a full (I do mean full) buggy. When I got back home, my neighbor sent her son, Mitchell, down to help me unload them. Isn't she great? Isn't he sweet? They are such wonderful neighbors and friends. We are very blessed to have so many good neighbors always ready to help us.

This afternoon and evening, I continued working on ripping out the decorative stitching on the quilt. (Gramps calls it a blanket, much to my chagrin.)

Well, it is getting close to bedtime, and my eyelids are getting heavy. Much love to each of you. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. More later. Bye for now.

1 comment: TN said...

I know how you feel. It was eight days in the house for me. I didn't mind a lot, because I never get bored. But it did seem kinda nice to see people again.(my friends at the drug store) LOL My son kept me in milk and bread and the necessities of life.