Friday, January 22, 2010

Is it Friday Already?

Hey, Y'all,
It seems the week has almost gone by since I last posted. The days just seem to be flying past and not a lot really taking place. I am going to have to really think to put down a lot of what has happened (or not happened, ha!).

On Monday, I cleaned house (vacuumed, nope, not dusted, swept kitchen and bathroom and cleaned the bathroom,), prepared supper for our neighbors and us to share, then we ate with them.We had breakfast for supper with bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, hot biscuits and sausage gravy. Scott made the gravy and it was most delicious. Yum!

Laurie shared with us that her dad is ill and in the hospital. Please pray for him that he will soon be back on his feet.

Tuesday, Gramps' therapist came and worked with him and the weather cleared up so we decided to go have fish for supper at Captain D's in Morristown. Yum! We really love their fish dinners.

NOTE: Were you ever using your computer, typing away, when all at once what you are working on disappears and the screen turns blue with a message that the computer is installing updates? Well, that is what happened to me while ago and it was computerus interruptus. What a downer!

Now, back to my blog, that was so rudely interrupted. On Tuesday, our nephew, David, who lives in Tucson, AZ, had gastric bypass surgery, and came through it quite well, and is on the mend. His wife, Andrea, had it three months ago, and is doing quite well. She was having to take medicine for diabetes and has been able to come off of it. She has lost 60 pounds so far. Good going, Andrea! We are so proud of you! David is hoping to be able to eventually stop using the C-pap apparatus that is for sleep apnea. Please pray for both of them that they continue to do well, and increase their good health.

Wednesday, I went out to visit with my good friend, Gwen, who lost her husband during the time that we had the snow and ice on the ground. He died of the results of cancer that had invaded his body. I know she misses him dreadfully; healing from such loss takes a toll and it never quite goes away. She and I have been friends for over 45 years when we were in C-N college together. She and Jack had been married for a very long time. Gwen and I talked and reminisced for about two hours. It was a lovely visit.

The same weekend that Jack passed away, one of my cousins, Mike Robinson, passed away from face cancer. He and my nephew, Fred (Mae's son) were only 6 weeks apart in age. Mike was my Aunt Daisy's (Mom's sister) youngest son. They quite often visited our home when he was a baby and older child. She would insist on washing him up every day around noon in preparation for an afternoon nap. He absolutely hated it. He would say (while she was scrubbing his face and hands), "Daisy, I want to tell you something, Daisy". So she would stop and say, "What is it, Mike?". He would reply, "I love you, Daisy". I know he was hoping she would stop scrubbing him. ha.

After I came home from my visit with Gwen, I mopped the kitchen and cleaned the bathroom, and made supper for us.

Next morning I was busy preparing the lunch for some of my teacher friends to have with us. Aren't friends such a blessing? I made a big chicken pot pie, and for dessert I had prepared a chocolate eclair dessert with graham crackers, coolwhip mixed with pudding mix, and chocolate frosting mix, all layered together. We had a really great time eating and talking. It was wonderful to have them come. I love having friends in to eat and chat with. Two of the teachers were not able to come. One of them, has a father in the nursing home and had to take her mom to a doctor's visit. We missed both of them.

Thursday afternoon, I called my friend, Judy, to invite her and her husband and mother to come and eat supper with us and share the chicken pot pie and dessert (like I said, it was a biiiiig pie) and we love having them come and spend time with us. After supper, we cleared off the table and played dominoes until 10 p.m. Gramps doesn't play games anymore so he was content to go into the living room and watch PBS. He really likes that station. At ten, our guests said their goodbyes, and we really enjoyed their visit. Judy's mom, does really well, considering her age (91). She is a sharp dominoes player, too.

Today, Gramps' therapist came and worked with him. I got him up around 8:30, so he had finished his breakfast and gotten dressed by the time she came to see him at 10:00. My kitchen is clean, (I loaded the dishes into the dishwasher last night and emptied it this morning before I began my blogging) and the dishes are put away, and the breakfast dishes are washed, dried and put away. Would you believe I had enough left overs from chicken pot pie and dessert to take to Knoxville today and give to Mae and Imazo? It's true!

Yes, today is eating out and movie day for us. I have selected a couple of movies from the ones that were loaned to me from Teresa when she came up in April to help me after my surgery for the ovarian tumor/ovary removal. She and Tom have a really great collection of movies on DVD. Thanks, Teresa, for the loan of them. I hope they will come back sometime this spring for a visit with us. I get really hungry to see my children and grandchildren (and greats).

Today is the first anniversary of the passing on of my brother, Hugh (Imazo's husband). Last December 14th was the first anniversary of the passing on of our brother, John, who lived in Phoenix (Darlene's husband), and December 29th was the second anniversary of the passing on of our sister, Margaret, who was single. I, alone, am the remaining sibling of my family. So many things that are remembered are remembered only by me. I find it is important to commit to paper for others to know, those things that I remember.

Well, that is about it for today. Tomorrow, I will be going to a celebration of the birthday of one of our former pastors. The celebration had been planned for earlier, but he was ill overnight, and couldn't make it, besides snow and ice being prevalent. Chuck is dying of cancer, and was given a year or less by his doctor, and since his birthday was Jan 7th, we were to celebrate it on the 9th.

This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. Much love to each of you. Please pray for widows today that I have mentioned and also the families that the fathers have left behind. More soon. Bye for now.


Mom B said...

Nice post. I'm home in isolation with fever/bronchitis. Have a good da1y

Mom B said...

oops. I meant to say, "Have a good day".

Grammy said...

Oh, Man! You caught the junk? What a bummer. You just got over some crud, too! Sorry for your pain. Love you, Ma

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a busy week. We went to Cracker Barrel yesterday to eat their cod fish. I love their fish on Fridays special. It is warm here today and I plan to get out again. It will be cold again by Monday! Enjoy your weekend.