Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Rainy Night in New Market

Hey, Y'all,
It would be easy to be a "Gloomy Gus" this evening. However, I ain't a gonna be! You see, we got to go to church this morning! Gramps felt well enough to go and we had a really nice worship service. I have a notebook that I keep sermon notes in, and I always date them and identify the speaker. Well, I noticed that the last one I had done was on May 31st, just two days before I had my gall bladder surgery that went wrong. I think I had only been one or two times since then and apparently didn't take notes.
Man! That is just too long to be away, isn't it? Life just doesn't seem to go the same when you can't go to church and be fed by the Word as preached by a good pastor.

Anyway, after we left church, we went to Shoney's in Dandridge and had breakfast for lunch. We only each had one plate of food (which is plenty) and we came home and Gramps decided he would watch the Colts and the Jets play football. I think the Jets were winning (he is a Payton Manning fan) and he decided he had had enough and went to bed. I had talked to Teresa for about an hour and then got on my computer and played some solitaire. He will probably wake up about 9 p.m. and decide he is hungry. ha.

I think it is going to be raining all night. I think I will go make me some grits and cinnamon raisin toast and jelly for my supper, then eat an apple later. Doesn't that sound good to you? Are you a grits eater? Do you eat yours with butter and salt and pepper, or do you eat them with butter and sugar (gag)? As you can guess, I like salt, pepper and butter with mine (the east TN way, not the Louisiana Way, or so I have heard).

Oh, that reminds me of something else. How many of you have held one of those little square alarms that they give you to hold in restaurants that will buzz when your table is ready? Ever wonder how many germs there are on those when you are holding them, from other patrons who have held them? I hadn't thought of it until we were at Captain D's the other week, holding one and waiting for our food. Well, when the manager came around inquiring if we needed anything, I asked him if he had any of the hand cleaner that people could use to clean their hands after holding those things. He said that no, not out front, but they had some that their employees could use as needed. He said they had no money in the budget to supply that for the customers. He also said that they periodically wipe off the little buzzer alarms. Anyhow, I thought that is an interesting thing to think about the next time you eat out at such a place. I reckon you could go wash your hands, but if you like to eat your fish and fries hot, like I do, the food could be cooled off by the time you walk back to clean your hands,etc

Tomorrow is supper with our neighbors, I am planning on making some potato soup and yeast rolls and maybe some fresh cooked greens. Ice cream for dessert will be good, too.

This year is slipping away quickly. January is almost gone (only another week of it is left). Our great grandson, Austin, will be 7 years old and is growing like a weed, as they say colloquially. We hope he will really have a great birthday! We love you, Austin! Happy Birthday!

Well, this is Blabbin' Grammy signing off. Got to go make me some supper and then watch some television. Much love to each of you. Bye for now. More later.


Paula said...

So happy to hear that you got to go to church. I'm still working on it. Dear Daughter was sick today, so I crossed that off the list. Can't leave my son here with TWO sick people to take care of, can I?? *smile*

Whitney said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes. Austin thought the part about growing like a weed was pretty funny. :) TN said...

Hi grammy. I miss going to church. It's been a long time. I think our spirit needs food as well as our body! Glad to hear you are getting out and doing well. Yeah, I like my grits with salt and pepper....and I have found that I like the orginally instant grits better than the ones you cook for five minutes. To me they taste better. Maybe I will go make me some now!

Mom B said...

I carry a small container of Purell hand sanitizer in my purse for just such an occasion! :-)

Glad you got to go to church! I like your pastor....good Bible teacher!