Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday Update

Hey, Y'all,
Here it is Saturday again, already. We just got back from "movie day" in Knoxville with Imazo and Mae. I had taken a movie called "The Over the Hill Gang" with Walter Brennan and other old actors. After the movie was over, Gramps said he could really identify with being "over the hill". ha. He said we were all over the hill. We thought that was funny.

Thursday was a not much doing day, but Friday, I went to visit my cardiologist (one of my former students, and I must say he has turned out nicely-he was a very nice student as well) and he said I am doing well and to just keep on doing what I am doing. So that was good. When I got home around 10:45, I went into the bathroom, ready to use it, and discovered the commode was stopped up, (courtesy of Gramps). I immediately went out to purchase a 'plumber's helper', and found one at the local dollar store. I came home and began trying to unplug the commode. NO Luck! I called my neighbor, Scott, to see if he was coming home for lunch (hoping he could help me) and he said no, he was working in Morristown. He said to call his wife, Laurie, because they had a really good plunger. I called her and she came down with it, and tried her hand at unstopping the commode. No luck, there, either.

Then Laurie called a neighbor who is a plumber, and fortunately, he was at home with his children at the time (doing some home schooling with them), and he came after a few minutes (which were really long minutes for me - I still hadn't had a chance to use the bathroom - I was praying, "Please Lord, help me get this commode unstopped". Then my neighbor, Walt, came with his plumbing snake. He proceeded to put on his rubber surgical gloves, and then to unstop the commode. Not only did he unstop it, he asked for toilet bowl cleaner and a general bathroom cleaner, and cleaned the commode for me. What a wonderful thing to do! I appreciated it so very much!

It was clean, and my problem was soon over with. Then it was time to prepare some supper for us. I made a really good meatloaf, with a container of scalloped potatoes, and some green beans. We really enjoyed our supper, because we had had a late lunch. This morning I got up and made breakfast for us: biscuits, bacon (just a little), grits, eggs, and coffee to drink. A little later, Gramps had his shower (helps when we are seeing people later), and then I took mine.

We headed on into Knoxville to have our Movie day, and after the movie we went to O'Charleys to have a late lunch/early supper. We enjoyed that and then we dropped off Mae at her home, and headed on to Imazo's, where we left her and got back into my car, and headed home. That is about it for today. I am sure Gramps will want something to eat before we go to bed this evening, and I may snack with him. Hope you all have a lovely weekend. I've had a lovely chat with daughter, Teresa, this afternoon. It really helped make my day.

Tomorrow is the birthday of granddaughter, Whitney, (grandson, Daniel's, wife). Happy Birthday, Whitney! We love you and appreciate you so very much! You are very dear to us.

This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. More later. Love to all of you. Bye for now.


Judy said...

Happy Birthday to Whitney. Glad you got the bathroom fixed. I used to love Walter Brennan on the Real McCoys. He reminded me of my father. Years ago, he had a song out called "Old Rivers". I loved that song. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Your meatloaf sounds so good. I may have to make one! TN said...

Oh Grammy, I know all about commodes that won't flush. I think I could write a book! Glad you got it fixed and everything is flowing again...LOL Happy birthday to Whitney.