Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Good Report

Hey, Y'all,
Yesterday, my gracious friend, Ina Ray, and I traveled to Vanderbilt Clinic for a final visit (we hope) to see my doctor, Dr. J. Kelly Wright. It was a good visit, and Dr. Wright told me that my incision was beautiful (it has healed nicely) and we were able (after I donated a sample of my blood for bloodwork), to leave and head for home.

I had driven my little Toyota down to Ina's and we took it, with Ina driving it. We stopped on the way down for breakfast at Hardee's, Yum!, and then proceeded on. I was wearing a skirt, and blouse with a linen type lavender jacket, and the little crocheted cap that Ina had presented me with the other day. The cap was lavender as well and matched the coat nicely. The cap produced a lot of compliments, and some of them from my doctors. They commented on how nice I looked and I told them that I felt my visit should be a special one, so I "dressed" for it.

After we left, we headed east, and stopped down the road to have some lunch. We found a Cracker Barrel, (of course), and enjoyed that stop. However, a few minutes later, we needed to stop for a few minutes, so Ina pulled off the interstate, and when we were going to get back on, there was not a return entrance to the east direction, so after wandering around for awhile, we found an entrance several blocks from where we came off. I told Ina Ray that she and I are such "kindred spirits" that we are both somewhat "directionally challenged". Ha.

When we got to Crossville, we decided to stop at a couple of antique stores that she knew of and had shopped at before. She collects the Jewel Tea dishes of a particular design, and is trying to get a full set of them. We stopped at an upscale one, but it had not what she wanted, and then we went across the parking lot to the Stonehaus and Winery building, and had some ice cream (buttered pecan, of course), and then were directed to the store she was looking for to begin with. It was just across the road from where we were.

When we looked at the other store, we walked in and the man behind the counter said he liked my hat and what would I take for it. I replied that he didn't have enough money to buy it. He commented on it again as she was paying for her purchases. I told him it was a gift from my friend, and put my arm around Ina Ray.

We were soon on our way home, and of course, I had to go in to see Ina Ray's kittens and cats. She has "rescued" seven cats from outside her house. There are two sets of kittens, one set of three and one set of four. The set of three are older and she has had them for several weeks and named them. She will be keeping one of them and giving the other two away. they will be spayed and neutered. The newest set of four, she says she is not naming so that she won't be tempted to keep any of them. She is having them spayed or neutered and then giving them away. She already has two older cats that she has had for a very long time. All the cats are adorable, of course!

After I left Ina's, I hurried on home and trusted that Gramps would be okay. Our very good neighbor, Laurie, had checked in on him during the day. How very fortunate we are to have such wonderful friends and neighbors! I had left him food and written directions when I left, along with coffee maker ready to turn on and make his coffee. I really did not have a lot of choice on something to do with him for the day. Thank God for Scott and Laurie!

Well, a lot to do today. I have to get busy with stuff to be done and not be a slacker. Ha. I have still been trying to get "stuff" put away and out of sight. You would not believe the amount of lotions and skin creams that we have. People have given us a lot of them and one would think that we must look "crusty" to have received so many of them. Ha. I have more than a decorative basket full of them. I think I will begin giving them as hostess gifts to visitors. Hmmm. Good Idea? We certainly appreciate each of them, but one can only use so many in their later years. Let's admit it, we only have so many years to use them.

Oops, it is breakfast time, and the old belly calls to me. Ha. (Food! Please!). This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. Love to each of you. More later. Bye for now.


Barbara said...

So glad you got a good report, and had a good trip.Seems things are much better now.At least you got better in time for the Fall season,You can enjoy the beautiful colors as they come in.I love the Fall of the year,have a great evening,Love Barbara

Judy said...

Glad you had a good day and everything looked good at the doctor visit. Your hat sounds just super cute and I bet you sure were spiffy in your outfit with that hat. So glad you are doing so well and enjoying eating out again, too. Have a good weekend. TN said...

I'm glad you got a good report from the Dr's. I wish I could have seen you in your little hat.

Mom B said...

Okay, you need a pic of you in your outfit and your little purple hat...we all need to see it!