Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Meanwhile, Back at the Quilt

Hey, Y'all,
It has been a few days since I last posted, so I figured it was time to update a little bit. Sunday was a very quiet day, and not much happened then. Monday, when Gramps' therapist came to work with him, I took off for the Wal-mart (withdrawal pains were hitting me) and so I stopped at the Food City Gas n/ go and filled up my little car, and stopped at the bank to rob it....ha, not really....just withdrew a little cash and headed on to Wal-mart. I was only gone a couple of hours, and when I got back, I fixed some supper for Gramps and me.

Yesterday, some of my teacher friends and I had lunch at the Hillside Grill in Morristown, and had a wonderful time. Most of us are readers and exchanged some books while we were there. What fun! I look forward to reading those that I borrowed. We met at 11:30, and did not leave until 1:45. Just sitting and talking about anything and everything. You know how women can talk. It was a regular "hen party". Ha ha. One of the teachers brought bags of sweet potatoes that she had grown on their farm. Of course, we appreciated that and I look forward to cooking some for supper tonight.
I think I will make some parmesan chicken wings for supper as well. Yum!

I decided it was time to do a little furniture polishing yesterday, so I dusted and polished furniture in our bedroom. Today, the living room gets it. Please don't faint!!! I have been sick for so long, I knew it was time to be doing regular cleaning stuff and feel extra blessed!

Also, when I got up this morning, I knew it was time to clean off my work table and get ready to sew again, so I did. I will be stitching on the quilt I am making for my grandson, Will (BJ). I hope to get started on the hand stitching by next week.
"I've stayed around and layed around this old place too long...Summer's gone along and winter's coming on..I've stayed around and layed around this old place too long , and I Feel like I gotta quilt right on..." Ha, old song paraphrased.

Lately, Gramps has been talking about putting all of his cars that he has been collecting together and dividing them out to give to his grandsons. The other day he started talking about it again, and wanted to go to the basement and get cars he thought were down there. He told me that he knew we had some in a desk down there. I said, "honey, we don't have a desk down there" and he said, "oh yes, we do. I was down there the other day and saw them". Of course he has not been in the basement. I keep it locked and if necessary, I will put a padlock on it to keep him out of it. Anyway, I went into the bedroom and found the cars he was talking about and finally convinced him (I think) that all his cars are up here. Why don't I want him in the basement? Because I am afraid he would fall going down the steps. He is not too steady on his feet even on level ground.

I have been playing a game on my computer that I am totally addicted to. It is called Luxor Mahjong, and has 3 skill levels, and on each level there are 21 stages, and each stage has 3 or more sections. I have played it on all levels and am repeating the expert level right now. I belong to and download a game each month for 9.99 monthly membership. This is one of their games. I absolutely love Mahjong games and have several of them. I also like the jigsaw puzzles I get from them. This is not a commercial for them, by the way. Just info about what I like to do.

Well, that is about it for today. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. Much love to each of you. Bye for now. More later.

4 comments: TN said...

Gramps reminds me of Bill (DH) The other day he told me to go down in the basement and get all of his money out of the white chest. I told him I didn't know he had any money down there. He said every drawer was full. I knew they weren't but I told him I would go get it. The drawers held the same junk that has been in them for 25 years. Now he thinks someone stole it. He has never been diagnosed with Demencia (sp), but I'm beginning to wonder.
I'm glad you are feeling good enough to polish your furniture. That is a good sign. PTL

Grammy said...

Dear Clara,
Sounds to me like he might have it. That is one of the signs. actually, 2 of the signs. Thinking he has a lor of something where it isn't and believing that someone has stolen it. Sorry, if that is what he may have. Does he hide things and then can't find them and think someone has stolen them? Is he confused about things that happened a long time ago and can't remember them? And thinks they only happened a short time ago? Those are some of the things that my husband does.

azdarlene said...

Hey Ruby,
We just found out mom is in stage 4 of dementia. Before we moved her to independent living from the house she has been in for years, she thought another family lived with her. She has depression along with it. In fact, for months she thought a man was up on the roof working all night and coming in thru the air vents and leaving of morning the same way. I think we could write a book on the things she has told us. Glad to hear you are up and about like you old self again. If you want warmer weather, I have some furniture that needs polishing We have had a couple of days in the 60's then come tomorrow it will be going back in the 70's and 80's. Nice winter
Keep getting better,
Love ya,
Darlene and Mark

Judy said...

Hi Grammy, After reading what you and Clara said, makes me think I might have it myself sometimes! Just kidding but I do forget where I put things lots of times. I have turned the house upside down looking for something and it be right under my nose. I don't think anyone stole it though. Sounds like you are doing well. Happy Halloween.