Sunday, October 11, 2009

Movie Day Yesterday

Hey, Y'all,
It is good to be back home again, doing all the stuff I am used to doing. Friday morning, I got up and had my shower, fixed breakfast (which meant hot oatmeal, with toast, for me, and Cheerios and coffee for Gramps). Then some laundry, and cleaning the kitchen, got Gramps into the shower and clean clothes, and by one o-clock, I was out the door to take the car to Morristown Toyota for servicing. While I was there, I got to talking to a couple of ladies who were also waiting for their cars (naturally, I can't keep my mouth shut when I see someone who could be interesting to talk to). One of the ladies was also a retired school librarian and we all three discussed books, since the other lady had been reading a paperback book. Then we started talking about gall bladder surgery (and I am afraid I initiated that discussion).

The lady who had been reading a book told me she had the surgery fifteen years ago, and when I asked her about pain which followed the surgery, she told me that she had had the kind I am having in the upper part of my belly (or I could say abdomen) that is just really sharp but disappears after a few seconds. She told me that she had experienced the same thing and I asked her how long had she had those pains before she didn't have them any more. She said about six to eight months. Hmmm. She also said that there are certain things that she can no longer eat and named them as onions, lettuce, and eggs. They cause the pain to come back. I guess I will just have to notice and eliminate certain foods that could be causing the pain. It always seems to occur within three hours after eating.

After I got my car back, I headed on home and stopped in Jefferson City at the Verizon store, where I upped the minutes I can use during a month. My last bill was almost $200.00 and man, I can't afford that every month. I know it was because I was at Terrace Estates and had no room phone and would only have had local calling on a room phone anyway. Most of my calls are not local anyway, except for a few from relatives who live in Knoxville. Then I headed on home. We had a late lunch and then watched some television for awhile.

(On Thursday, Mark and Allie came to visit and brought Pizza with them for lunch. Their visiting time was limited because they were soon to be on their way to Memphis to spend some time with family). Also on Thursday, I received a call from the nurse for Dr. Wright, my surgeon at Vanderbilt. She was reporting on the blood work I had done on the day before. She said the results were good, and she is going to fax the report to both my other doctors. Then I will get a copy from my family doctor, so I can know the numbers. (Inquiring minds want to know, you know.)

Yesterday, I was up early and doing more laundry, and then collected the trash throughout the house, and we were on our way to Knoxville, with a movie to watch in my possession. We stopped and picked up my sister-in-law, Mae, and went on to Imazo's, where we switched cars, and off to Louis' Restaurant, where we partook of his wonderful spicy spaghetti and meat sauce. YUM! In the background, the game between University of TN and Georgia was playing on the radio, and were pleased to hear that Tennessee had won the game. (Finally! We won a SEC game this year!) Final score was 45-19.

We then went back to Imazo's where we made our selves comfortable and watched "Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates" which is an old Disney movie. By 6:30 we were on our way back home after taking Mae home and bidding goodbye to Imazo. Last night was very quiet and I spent some time playing a game on my computer. Believe it or not, I got at least eight hours sleep last night, and it was wonderful! Up this morning at 8:30 and made breakfast for us. I had bought some Bisquick a week or so ago, and made two pancakes for each of us, and had a piece of sausage and an egg for each of us, along with coffee.

Well, folks, that is about it. More later. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. Love to all of you. Bye for now.


Judy said...

Hi Grammy, I always get hungry when I come over here and read about what you had to eat. Pancakes sound so good this morning. I may just have to make me some with a cup of hot coffee. Glad you are better and hope the pain goes away for you soon. I guess I am one of the fortunate gall bladder surgeries. I never had any problems with mine. TN said...

Good to hear from you. You make me hungry too! I haven't made pancakes in so long. I guess that will be on my menu in the next few days. I just finished making a big bowl of potato salad. I don't know why, but I have been craving potato salad. Well, take care and I hope the pain goes away real soon.


It's lovely you're back doing all the things you love. I hope all goes well for you and gramps.
I also would like to thank you for your visit and such comforting comment, it was lovely to read.

Take care Ruby.


Barbara said...

Thanks for the Happy Birthday song last night, have a wonderful day, Love Barbara