Sunday, October 18, 2009

A False Alarm

Hey Y'all,

No need for alarm...we did not have anything terrible happen to us or even bad...
I will tell you a little later in my post about the alarm. Friday evening around 11 p.m., I finally got around to sweeping and mopping my kitchen floor and bathroom floor, and then got up early on Saturday and vacuumed the carpet in the rest of the house. While I was vacuuming the hallway, I saw a good sized black spider come running around the corner. I must have scared him out of his hiding place. I couldn't catch him to kill him (he was running too fast, and I didn't have a shoe in my hand to kill him with). Unfortunately, he rounded the corner and ran behind my computer desk.

Now, some people I know would have chased him out from behind the computer desk even if they had to dismantle the computer and everything connected with it, but I didn't do that. I figured if he had not bitten me by that time, I was not it a lot of danger. However, a few hours later, I found him in the bathroom (or at least I think it was him) and chased him around the bath rug with a piece of toilet tissue I grabbed off the roll until I finally cornered him under the rug, and smushed him good. I saw another one and smushed him or her (his brother, father, sister or mother) or maybe it was his mate, who knows. So....I felt like I had done my good deed for the day. They looked just like the spider that Garfield smushes every once in a while, when I got through with them.

A little later in the day, I had finished gathering up the trash throughout the house, and Gramps and I got ready and left to carry it off and head on into Knoxville for our movie day with the two sisters-in-law, Mae and Imazo. We went out to eat almost as soon as we got there, and headed to the (you guessed it) Cracker Barrel, where we all ate breakfast. When we got back to Imazo's, we sat down to watch the movie that I had brought with me-"Are We There Yet?" and laughed and enjoyed it. We had just finished watching it and were getting ready to go when Imazo's youngest, Jeff, rang the doorbell. He was at the back door, and within seconds of Imazo opening the door, her newly installed burglar alarm started sounding. She said, "Oh, my the police will be coming and everything if I don't get this thing shut off at once." So she proceeded to shut it off, (she thought).

She had already told us about how it had accidentally gone off the other day when she had forgotten about having it and had the police and the neighbors and everyone all running to see if she was okay. Well, anyhow, yesterday, she thought she had it shut off and went on outside to talk to Jeff. Then I hear a voice asking if everything was okay. It was coming from the keypad installation and I said, "sure, it is." The voice then asked "what is the password?" and I said, "I don't know, I am Imazo's sister in law and she is outside with her son." The voice said, "What is your name?" and I told her. She said, "What is the password?" and I said, "danged if I know!" The voice said, "Okay".

A little later, here came the lady patrol officer, and she was talking to Imazo and they were trying to figure out the combination of how to disarm the alarm. I said, "I know how I would disarm it. I would take out my trusty old .44 and plug it. Blam!" Of course, they laughed and went on talking. The patrolman (woman?) told Imazo that she needs to have the company come back out and check it out. Anyway, that is all about the "false alarm".

We soon said our goodbyes and I took Mae home and then came back for Gramps.

This morning about 5:30, I turned over in bed, and noticed Gramps was not in his bed beside me. I hollered and asked where he was and he told me he was lying on the couch in the living room. He apparently hadn't been able to find our bedroom after going to the bathroom (bathroom is just next to the bedroom) and went into the living room, sat down and put on his shoes and then crawled up onto the couch.
I went in and got him up from the couch and helped him back into the bedroom and onto his bed, took off his shoes and covered him up.

He is seeming to become more confused lately. Several times over the past few weeks, he has mentioned his mama, and saying "I wonder what has happened to my mama?". Of course, I tell him the truth, that she passed away over 43 years ago. He asked me about her again on Friday, and I reminded him that she had passed away before we met and that I had not known her. I told him that he had said that she had a stroke and he said, "Oh yeah, now I remember. She is buried next to my dad." and I said, "yes". It is heart-breaking to see a once vital man becoming so lost in his mind that he can't remember so many things, isn't it?

Well, it is Sunday morning and I am going to close this out and go make me some hot oatmeal and toast for breakfast. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. Much love to all of you. Bye for now.

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Judy said...

Oh, Grammy! You scared me to death talking about those spiders! I just wanted to jump up and start taking my computer apart and see if there are any spiders near mine. I think they like it because the computer is warm. I detest spiders and was so afraid you were going to say one bit you or something. Sorry about Gramps. I know it has to be frustrating for him and you. Have a good week and glad there were no criminals when the alarm went off.