Thursday, October 15, 2009

Back to Normal Activity

Hey, Y'all,
Well, things are back to normal around here. Gramps slept late this morning (it is now 12:30 and he just got up). I have been doing my regular stuff (breakfast, dishes, filing important papers in the filing cabinet, filing credit card receipts, computer stuff, and just trying to put different parts of our house in order) since arising around 7:30 this morning. Of course, listening to the radio when I get up and have breakfast is one of the regular things I do, and reading a paperback while I have breakfast. It is almost time for my lunch and Gramps is just going to be eating breakfast in a little bit.

I guess I will get back to doing vacuuming this afternoon, because, goodness knows, the house needs it. It hasn't been vacuumed in a while since there was no one to do it. Of course, for a while there was no one here to get the carpet dirty. Tomorrow, I may even sweep and mop the kitchen.

Oops, it is later this afternoon, and so far the vacuum sits where it has been sitting for the last little while, unused. I just got the dishwasher loaded, and waiting for the supper dishes before I turn it on.

An update on Gramps...his home health care individuals have been coming and working with him on his strengthening of muscles and also with how better to deal with showers. We have some really nice health care helpers and I look forward to all the help they can give us. Right now, he is in the living room following his shower, and he is shaving with his electric razor (one of his favorite pastimes). He will put it down and later, having forgotten that he has already shaved, will shave again. A harmless occupation, don't you agree? Oh yes, he found the watches he has been looking for for some time. He has several that he likes to wind, and was just sure that someone had come in and made off with them. (He had put them away and forgotten where he had put them.)

I am sending out Happy Birthday wishes to nephews, David and Jeffrey. They are Hugh's and Imazo's sons. Today is David's birthday and tomorrow is Jeff's. Happy birthday, dear ones!

We had intended to go to Knoxville today to have a movie day and eat out, but it did not work out, so we plan on going in on Saturday instead. It is rainy today, so it would have been a little soggy for us. I am still in my nightgown, because it suits my rainy day mood. Well, that is about it for me today.

This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. Much love to all of you. Bye for now. More soon.


Judy said...

Hi Grammy, It has rained here all week and I have not been out except to go to the grocery and to stop by to see my sis one day. I hate dreary, rainy days. Sounds like things are getting back to normal around your place. Glad Gramps found his watches.

Whitney said...

Nothin' but rain here, too! Hearing that Gramps found his watches was a nice perk for the day. :)

azdarlene said...

Nothing but Sunshine here. Would like some rain once in a while....hahahaha!!!
Glad to see Ruby and Gramps getting back to normal if that is what you call
Glad you are feeling better and better every day.
Love you both,
Darlene and Mark