Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hello, Out There!

Hey, Y'all,
Yes, it is me coming at you again, and it is good to be able to read my blog again! Thanks to Teresa for keeping you all up to date. Thank you for all the well wishes coming our way! I am at home this evening, in preparation for going to the Vanderbilt Clinic tomorrow. My good friend, Ina Ray, is here tonight to spend the night so we can get an early start in the morning. My appointment is at 9:30 Central time (10:30 am Eastern).

My good neighbors who live up the hill from me came and picked me up at the Terrace Estates this afternoon, so that I could get home this evening. I am so blessed to have such great friends!

I am hoping to have my internet connected tomorrow at the facility so that I can continue doing my blog and keeping up with those I read regularly. I have really missed reading them and keeping in touch.

Teresa has done a really good job of keeping it up for me and telling a lot of the stories that I have related to her. I don't have a lot of time tonight, because I do need to get to bed and get some rest. I have gotten some cards from out of the blue that were completely unexpected and so very welcome.. I was really touched by them. One came from a lady who lives in Ohio, who apparently has been reading my blog and another came from a former school teacher who taught with me several years ago.

I also received a bunch of cards that were handmade by children at my church, and a vase of flowers and a card and a visit from some of the youth group at church. How very wonderful to be so honored! They were all so much appreciated.

As Teresa said, I have my appetite back and will probably have to soon start pushing back from the table and not eating everything that is not nailed down. Ha.

Well, I gotta close this down and get to bed. Hope to be back online soon. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off and my love to all of you. Bye for now!


azdarlene said...

There is the Ruby we all know and appreciate. Glad you are feeling much better and got your appetite back. Maybe being with Dub helped.
Hope you are getting rest and get feeling better everyday.
Love you
Darlene and Mark

Barbara said...

SO wonderful to see your blog again, will be waiting to hear about your Dr. app.
Please take care and get well so you can get back to posting everyday.everyone has missed you.have a safe trip.
love ya BARBARA

Judy said...

Hi Grammy, So glad to hear from you and that you are beginning to feel like yourself again. I can tell from the way you write that you are much better. I hope the doctor's visit goes well today and things continue to improve. Enjoy that appetite for now. You can cut back another time. Thanks for the update. Both of you hang in there.
Love and hugs, Judy

Clara....in TN said...

Hi Grammy, it's so good to "see" you again. You sound like your "old" self....not meaning that you are old LOL Be safe on the trip to Vandy tomorrow. I hope the Dr's find everything going well. I certainly wish you well.