Saturday, August 29, 2009

Today's Post

Talked with Mom this morning and she is still doing well. She said her wound is beginning to heal because they don't have to pack it as deeply as they were having to and there is more white on the bandage when they pull it out (not so much oozing from the wound). Sorry if that was too graphic.
She is definitely starting to make her presence known around the facility. She is starting to relay names of people there to me (Yeah, that was three hours ago and I don't remember any of them now) and she is telling me about one lady she is playing scrabble with (beat the socks off of her as she put it but tells the lady they're just playing for the fun of it...right...) and there is a new couple there that the lady is concerned because she isn't getting all of her medications but doesn't know what the strength of the medication is so they can't give it to her. Mom is amazed that someone would not know every single medicine they take and what the dosages are...she has no idea how unique she Anyway, now she had a dream about that woman and her husband coming into their room looking for cups and this couple rides around in wheelchairs. She says "There is no room for two wheelchairs in our room but there was in my dream."
She tells me that she is now really hungry like she used to be and will soon have to push herself away from the table to keep from eating too much. She asked for grits the other morning instead of cereal and they brought her a big bowl of them. She said she only wanted a small bowl but actually ended up eating most of them. It is all good news to me and she sounds just like her old self now. I expect she'll be ready to run around in her usual fashion before long at all. She says she's learned a lot since she's been sick and she has become very thankful because she can still walk around and most of the people who are in the assisted living facility cannot even walk. She is supposed to get her internet hookup by next Tues or Wed and I'm sure she'll have lots to tell about all she has learned from this experience! Well, that's about all for now.

3 comments: TN said...

That is good news. I'm so thankful she is improving. I wish her well. Thanks for the update. I will be checking in again soon.

Mom's Blog said...

Thanks, Sis! It's good to have the real Ruby showing up again!

Judy said...

I am so thrilled to hear what is going on with the two of them. Sounds like she is making a recovery. Glad she has her appetite back in full force. That is a good sign. Everything you say sounds good and sounds more and more like her. It won't be long now until she is totally her old self again. Please give my love and hugs to both of them and thanks for the update.