Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Surprise Visitor

Hey, Y'all,
Time is flying and I have been here for almost 3 weeks. It doesn't seem possible. One third of this month is gone and we will only be here for 20 more days. I think Gramps has a bad cold and I am trying to avoid catching it. He doesn't need it and I certainly don't either, fer shure.

I was delighted this morning to see a friend of mine that I had not seen in many years. A fellow teacher, Phyllis E., came to visit me, bearing gifts. She brought me some paperback books to read, but even more important, was the visit from her. We had a wonderful time talking about events in our lives since we had last seen one another. She has been reading my blog and keeping up with my illness and recovery periods. How wonderful to have all the support I have had over the past few months.

The other morning, I was on my way to the dining room and had the pleasure of meeting another of the residents, whose name is Lois. We got to talking about names and she said she had a friend named Ruby, and we spoke about how our mother's had named us each for aunts and how when they spoke our whole name, we knew we were in trouble. We went on to talk about when we got a whipping it was with a hickory switch and how we had to go get it ourselves to bring back to our mothers. She went on to relate how her sister, when she was going to get whipped, would run around the oval-shaped dining room table shouting, "Jesus, Master, Jesus, Master".
I thought that was really humorous.

Quite a few of the residents today went to Asheville to Biltmore to see the grounds there, and I am sure the grounds are quite beautiful. I will talk to some of them tomorrow to see how they enjoyed the trip. They left at 9 a.m. this morning and were not back by 6 p.m. and I am sure it was a long day for many of them. Gramps and I decided we did not feel up to the long drive and long day, so we did not go. I am glad we didn't because we would have missed the visit from Phyllis.

Meals have been wonderful, especially breakfast! Yesterday, I had a small bowl of gravy, a biscuit, a small bowl of grits, scrambled eggs, 2 strips of bacon, a small bran muffin with fruit and nuts in it, a large glass of orange juice and a cup of coffee, and enjoyed every bit of it. No appetite problem now, friends. I have regained 6 pounds of the 32 I lost over the summer and am feeling wonderful. The incision is slowly closing up and is still looking good. I just praise the Lord for all His watchcare and wondrous love.

Tomorrow is the first birthday of our great granddaughter, Alyssa Faith, daughter of our grandson, Andrew and wife, Julia. Happy Birthday, Alyssa! To see her picture, go to the link at the left, of Julia Bennett's blog. Andrew and Julia are also expecting a second child (which they just found out about a few weeks ago). Congratulations to Andrew and Julia!

Well, that is about it for today. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. Love to all of you. Bye for now.


Barbara said...

Great//You are doing so much better.I know you will be glad to get home but you will miss the new friends you have know they say everything happens for a reason, well you have met so many wonderful people this summer,Drs.nurses,home health,and many more.God is good//

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