Thursday, July 23, 2009

Vanderbilt update

Hey, Y'all,
My neighbor, Scott, and I left yesterday morning at 5 a.m. and had a pleasant drive to Nashville. We found the first facility without any problems (well, actually, Scott did). We were about an hour early for my first appointment, but I was able to have the appointment over sooner because of that. When I had finished with my CT scan, I asked the young man who did the test if he knew of a good place nearby where one might eat breakfast. He directed us to a place only a couple of blocks away called "The Pancake Pantry". He said it was one of the top places to eat breakfast. Wow! He was right.

Scott and I motored on over to the Pancake Pantry and were almost immediately seated at a table for two. The Pantry has one large dining room, and lots of tables.
A charming waitress came over to take our orders and we looked at the menus and were amazed at all the choices. There were a table of children seated at the next table who were having a great time. Their adults-in-charge (two moms) were seated at the next table over (wise moms). They all left and another group of adults were seated at the table vacated by the children. Pretty soon we were conversing and laughing with them.

The food, when brought to us, was delicious. I actually enjoyed eating it, and although I could only eat two of the silver dollar pancakes and the egg over easy, I was happy to say it tasted great. I am hoping that my appetite will soon return.

After we left the restaurant, we headed on over to the Vanderbilt Clinic where my surgeon sees his patients on Wednesdays. After some time, he came in and asked me a few questions and took out the 'J' tube that has been in my abdomen since June 9, and told me the hole would seal over on its own. I was sooooo glad to get that one out. He left the other drain in, but shortened it, removed "Cordy" and attached a Jackson Prewitt bulb at the end and asked me if I could live with that one for a couple of weeks. I said I reckoned I could. So I go back to see him in two weeks. He told me to finish up my antibiotics.

Well, the trip back was just fine and I bade Scott good by with many thanks. Laurie and the kids came down to see me and brought some homegrown watermelon to me.
I boiled an ear of fresh corn for my supper, which I soon sat down and enjoyed. It was good to get home because it had been a long day for me (for Scott, too, I am sure, since he was driving and had a lot of sitting and waiting, as well).

Carol, Daryl, Hannah, and Austin will be here some time this morning (before noon, I guess) and I have a lot to do. I dreamed last night that they came and the house was a shambles. (nothing new there, ha). I look forward to seeing them and they are going to be bunking with me. Isn't that neat?

This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. Love to you all. Bye for now. Thanks for your continued prayers.

5 comments: TN said...

It's good to hear you made the trip to Vandy without any problems. I'm glad you got "Cordey" out. You are "sounding" more like yourself everyday. :-)

Tanya said...

I'm glad that you received good news yesterday. Pretty soon you'll be back to your old self. :)

Judy said...

That pancake place sounds great. Glad you are doing better and getting rid of some of those tubes and troublesome things. Sounds like you got some great people helping you out. Take care and continue to improve each day. Love, Judy

Daniel said...

Hope you have a great time with the kids! We wish we were there. We are looking at coming as a family in October if that works for you guys.

Grammy said...

Grandson, any time you all want to come and visit will work for us!
We look forward to seeing all of you.