Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Doctor's Appointments

Hey, Y'all,
One of my daughters called me yesterday (several times because I was outside talking to a friend), and informed me that I had not blogged in a couple of days and she wanted information about my health status. I told her sorry, and said that I am doing okay. She knew I had been to see my cardiologist in Knoxville and wanted to know how he thought I was doing. I told her that it was a good report and that he was pleased in general with my progress and made an appointment to check my pacemaker later in the year. He said my heart had apparently not been damaged by the three surgeries I had in April and June. My liver (bilirubin count) continues to improve, my potassium level is good, and my kidney function is good.

Today, I went to see my family doctor, and she was pleased to see me looking so well. She was quite upset by the errors made by the surgeon who operated in Knoxville on my gall bladder. She told me he not only nicked my bile duct, but severed an artery in my liver. The doctor in Nashville did all the right things and literally saved my life. She told me to give him her thanks of gratitude when I see him in the last of July. I have to go back and have him remove the "J" tube that is still in my abdomen. She also told me that I have an option of suing the doctor in Knoxville, but I don' t believe in law suits. I just feel blessed to be alive and kicking. I know that it was due to God's grace and kindness that I am still here among the living, and the skill of Dr. Wright in Vanderbilt Hospital. Thank you, doctor and thank you, Jesus!

As for how I am feeling, my energy level is still quite low, but I bought some vitamins today, and I hope they will help.

Tomorrow is a movie day and I will be previewing a couple of them this evening. I went to Wendy's for lunch and had part of a spicy chicken sandwich and some frosty chocolate dessert (to take the bite out of the spicy). Couldn't eat all of it, but enjoyed what I ate. I am baking a sweet potato for supper.

I went to visit my friend Marian for a while this morning after I got out of the doctor's office. It was good to sit and chat for awhile.

My daughter, Carol, and her husband, Daryl are coming to visit in a couple of weeks and bringing the two oldest greats with them. I wish they could also bring Noah with them. It will be very close to his 4th birthday and what a treat it would be for him and for us. I would beg his mom and dad if I thought it would help. It would please our hearts greatly. I don't ask a lot of any of them.

Next week, I go to pick up Gramps at the assisted living facility, and I know he is anxious to come home, as I am to have him home with me. I am sure it will be hard for awhile, but we will manage. I have really missed him.

Yesterday, I had lunch at the Morristown Shoney's with my niece, Donna, and my sister in law, Big Bonnie (Gramps' sister) and that was quite enjoyable.

Please pray for a friend of mine, Dot, who recently received a kidney transplant at Vanderbilt. I hear from her daughter, Richelle, that she is doing well. Also, please pray for my cousin, Mike, and his wife, Beverly. He is dying from face cancer and they have done all they can for him. He is the son of my Aunt Daisy (my mother's sister, both now deceased). Thank you for your prayers. Also thank you for your continued prayers on my and Gramps' behalf.

This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. Much love to you all. Bye for now.

3 comments: TN said...

I was beginning to worry about you myself! It's good to know that you are still improving and kickin'
I didn't know the Dr. in Knoxville did that to you. How awful. Is that the reason you had to have more surgery? I know you will be glad to have Gramps home. He will be happy too, I am sure. Take care of yourself.

Judy said...

I am glad that you are doing o.k. and enjoying being home and visiting with friends and eating out. I know you are bound to miss Gramps very much. I am so sorry about your friends. It seems cancer is everywhere you look. I will pray for your friends. Love, Judy

Serbian Mink said...

Tia...try, in addition to vitamins, Nature Made Stress B with C. that gives you a BIGGGGGGG energy boost, and it's not from uppers, rather just the missing B vitamins. also did your family doc recommend a B12 injection? my Dad had that weekly. as we age, our body can no longer process B12 from foods we eat. taken by injection, it is quite effective. Love yuzzz...BRING GRAMPS HOME! you'll feel much better just knowing he's there with you!