Friday, July 10, 2009

Movie Day Yesterday

Hey, Y'all,
Yesterday, Mae and Imazo and I had a lovely time eating out and watching a Robin Williams movie which I had rented. We ate at Applebee's and then went back to Mae's to see the movie. I ordered the Veggie Patch pizza and could only eat half of it, so I brought the remainder home with me. I may eat it today, and then again, I may not. It just depends on my want-to.

Mae had a new Lazy-boy recliner delivered yesterday to her home and she got to try it out while we watched the movie.

After I got home yesterday, I was privileged to meet my neighbor, Scott's, dad and his uncle. They had brought some belongings of Scott and Laurie that they had left behind when they moved here from Michigan. They were only at Scott's for about 36 hours or so, and had to leave early this morning. I really enjoyed visiting with them. It was a pleasure.

My grandson, Daniel, called me last night, but I missed his call and called him back this morning. He was calling me to explain why he felt Noah should not visit us with the two older children. I am afraid I played dirty pool by doing the guilt thing begging him to let Noah come too. But he expained it very nicely and I understood where he was coming from, and am quite sure he made the right decision. I do look forward to seeing the two older children with their grandparents a couple of weeks from now. I also look forward to the time I can see the whole family some day.

This afternoon, I am planning on going over to Mark and Allie's new home and spending tonight with them. I know I need to get out more and get my energy rebuilt. It is very difficult with still no appetite. I am continuing to lose weight, but don't know what to do to change it. I just want to lie down and rest.

Well, that is about it for right now. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. Love to all of you. Bye.

9 comments: TN said...

You rest all you want deserve it! I'm working a lot harder this summer than I did last summer. It feels GOOD! Take care now. One of these days, I will come through New Market. Lisa and her family has been in New York City for a week. TN said...

Where are you? Hope you are resting! :-) Clara

Serbian Mink said...

Clara, Ruby was taken by ambulance from Jefferson City back to Vanderbilt on Sunday evening. There was concern at the Jeff City ER that her drain was not functioning properly. She is stable, but under observation. That's about all I know.

Best regards from her niece,
Andrea (Serbian Mink)

Barbara said...

Yes we heard about Ruby from Imazo, I hope she will be better soon. Joann, dorothy and I went to see Imazo today, Had a great visit
and lunch at Shony's. I will be praying for Ruby.

Serbian Mink said...

Hi Barbara,

what's your email address so i can write to you.

i haven't heard anything more about Ruby. keep me posted. i am at

Love, a

azdarlene said...


Thank you for the update on Ruby.
Will be praying for her and family.
Darlene TN said...

I'm sorry to hear this. She has been through a lot lately. I pray for her and hope she is back home very soon.

Serbian Mink said...

Thanks, Clara, very kind of you.
We heard from her sister-in-law, Imazo, today that Ruby was brought home today by her friend (we think it was Allie...whomever it was, bless you) and is doing as well as can be expected. I'm sure she be back to blogging just as soon as she can!

Barbara said...

Ruby I hear you are home. I hope you are feeling better today.
Prayers are with you.
To andrea,I sent you a email but it wouldn't go. My email is