Sunday, July 19, 2009

On the Mend - Again

Hey, Y'all,
Isn't it funny how days just seem to run together so that you are not sure what happened when, but only that it happened? That is how these last few weeks have begun to seem to me. It seems like I have been in and out of Vanderbilt so many times they should install swinging doors for me. Ha

Day before yesterday, my friend, Judy, took me to visit Gramps at the assisted living facility where he will be until the end of July. Then he will be coming home with me, and we will manage together, sink or swim. We will be eternally grateful to his nieces for arranging his stay there. I don't know what we would have done otherwise. Anyway, he knew I was coming, so he was really looking spiffy. With neat pants and shirt, and his shoes shined, he was escorted down the hall to see us by one of the ladies who work there. When he hugged me, he said I don't know where to hug you without hurting something, so I hugged him.

We sat in the living room area which is a very large room tastefully decorated, with chairs and couches lining the walls and some in the center of the room. Occasional tables are placed throughout the room as well. Judy visited with us for a few minutes and then left to run some errands while Gramps and I continued our visit.

The residents had been eating some homemade ice cream just before we got there. They had some extra and brought some to Judy and me, but I opted not to eat it, and passed it over to Gramps, who of course, took it.

After a while Gramps decided to show me his room and we walked down the hallway. He was able to tell me the direction to begin with and we went on around till we found his room. Almost all the doors of the residents are decorated with wreaths of some description. Gramps' niece made him one with UT as the theme. It is gorgeous and he pointed to it quite proudly. We entered his room and sat down and began talking about the mail he has received since being there. He showed me a father's day card from grandson, Andrew, and wanted to know who he belonged to. I said, "that is Carol and Daryl's son, that you took fishing." Then he remembered. He remembers his fishing buddies.

He took out his electric razor and asked how he could clean it, and said he didn't know how to take it apart. So I took the hint, and cleaned it for him. He had a clean razor then to use. He tested it out of course. Ha. I thought, "yeah, he hasn't seen me in a month and a half and one of the first things he wants me to do is to clean his razor." Ha.

Gramps seems to be pretty content right now, and he knows I have been really sick but getting better. I showed him the drains and the scars across my belly. He said, "we should sue that doctor that made the mistakes!" I said, 'nope, we are not. Just forget it; put it out of your head."

I am hoping to maybe go see him again tomorrow, but am not sure I can.

Yesterday morning, my dear friend, Ina Ray, came to see me and brought her autoharp. She brought me breakfast, and we sat and talked and laughed. Later, we went out on the porch and she brought out her autoharp and she played and we sang. We sang blues, we sang cowboy songs, country songs and hymns. We had a lovely time and I hated to see her go. The visit was just too brief for my liking. (see picture above)

Later in the evening, my neighbors - Scott and Laurie - came down and we visited for a couple of hours. I am so blessed to have so many wonderful friends.

I am feeling stronger by the day, and right about now, my energy is flagging, so I need to close this down for now. Thank you again for your prayers. Love to you all. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. Bye till later.



I am so pleased you visited Gramps.
It was good to see where he was staying. Also your continuing recovery. It must be a great weight off your shoulders.
Take care, I hope all goes well for you when Gramps returns home.

Yvonne. TN said...

Hi Grammy, you are "sounding" better all the time. I bet Gramps was glad to see you. He misses you. I know, that sounds like my husband. I told him one time what I was going to put on his tomb stone if he died before I did...."My wife will do it." He wouldn't even let them give him a bath in the hospital. He always said, "my wife will do it." I'm so glad you are feeling better. If I lived closer to you, I would bring my keyboard and play for you. Now I don't know about the singing. I probably would leave that up to you! :-)

Sandra Van Winkle said...

I'm so glad to read you are on the mend. I missed you a couple of days and went 'blog-hoppin' to find out what was happening. Glad I found other concerned friends and relatives sharing information via comments on your blog. Big hugs from me. I know you've been through a lot.
Always my best,
PS thanks for your comments on my blog. I cherish them.

Serbian Mink said...


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Barbara said...

Good morn. Ruby So glad you are feeling better,Hope you get Gramps home soon,
Andrea wanted me to email her, but I couldn't get it to go through,
My email is
Anyway, have a great day Ruby.

Judy said...

I bet Gramps was just thrilled to see you even if you did have to clean his razor! Your friend sounds like she is very talented and I just know you all had a ball singing out there on the porch. I am so glad you seem to be doing better. Hang in there and take care. Love, Judy