Friday, May 4, 2012

My Week in Review

Hey, y'all,
Well, now I'm gonna tell you about my last week (beginning with last Friday to today). It hasn't been really great, but surely could have been much worse! 

Last Friday began with much sneezing and snortin' and blowin' of the schnozz. I must have used up a mega roll of toilet tissue keeping the drip from my nose wiped away. I ran out of kleenex and had to resort to the toilet tissue. Thank goodness for a good supply of that! Then my temperature began to spike and by Saturday morning, much coughing with a four degree rise in temp. Slept in my recliner from Friday night on and will probably do so till my cough is gone. I did very little of anything in the house, including eating. I did call a couple of my Sunday School class members to tell them I wouldn't be able to come on Sunday, so they had to manage the lesson without  me. 

Sunday morning dawned and went till about 11:45 a.m. and I had jabbing pains in my front left shoulder. I thought it could be my heart, since I do have heart problems, so I called my oldest daughter, Carol, who was at church. She knew I wasn't feeling well, so she answered her cell phone."What should I do?" I asked her. 

"I don't know," she replied. "Call Teresa and ask her." Teresa is my daughter who lives in Alabama and has had nurse training. So I called Teresa. Her advice was to call 911. So I did, and waited for them. 

In the meantime, I printed off a copy of my medications, took a nitro tablet, put on my housecoat, got my billfold with insurance info in it, along with my keys, and by the time I had availed myself of the bathroom, I could hear the sirens. 
I thought, "Boy, I'm providing some excitement for the neighbors! Ha!"

Well, the upshot is, I went out to meet them (they were surprised that I was walking, but you know me, I must do things in grand style). They helped me into the doorway of the rescue squad ambulance and sent the fire truck on its way. By that time, sure enough, some of the neighbors were out gawking, just like I would  have been in their place. (Are you getting tired of reading this yet? I must admit, I can be rather wordy.)

We went on to the local hospital emergency room where Carol met us, having gotten there before we did, and after spending six hours in the emergency area, having EKG run, giving blood, CT scan and X-rays made, they told me my heart enzymes were good, and I had no blood clots, and to go home and rest. So, praise God, and a lot of prayers, I'm sure, and a good staff at the hospital, I knew I was okay. I believe (as I did before I went) that it was just pain from the coughing I had been doing. The doctor did tell me that he had consulted with my cardiologist and that I was to call the office and see him this week. I saw him on Tuesday and he told me to increase one of the meds that I was already taking. 

By Monday I was already back to quilting, and finished up a quilt for a great grand nephew who was born in California, about the same time as my newest great grandchild here in Texas. On Tuesday, I began working on my granddaughter, Amy's, quilt for their queen size bed. I went to visit my cardiologist, went to the library, had lunch at Freddy's steakburgers. Yum! That made me feel much better. Then went to Hobby Lobby. That improved my attitude even more. Ha!

Wednesday was supper at the church, followed by choir rehearsal. More sewing during the day.

Yesterday morning, I decided I needed to get out my walker and take a walk down to Kroger's (about four blocks from my home) and pick up a few items for my Sunday School class get together yesterday afternoon. I have pictures of that little soiree that we had. We each brought pictures of ourselves to the meeting so that we could see what we all looked like when we were much younger (from about 60 years ago). We were really quite good lookin' chickadees! At least, we think so. Ha. We were celebrating my birthday (we had snacks and little birthday cakes) and also saying farewell to one of our members who is moving away to another town.

   There were actually nine of us (I was taking the pictures) and while I know it may actually look like there were more, some people were in pictures more than once. We were busy filling our faces when I made these, so the laughter was behind and not evident. :) We  had a great time together. I'd say the average age of my class is somewhere mid eighties. I love them all so very much. They are a delight to be around. We only had one absent, and she was at home, mourning the loss of her little dog that she had to have put down this week, due to the doggie's illness.

Then this morning, I collected all the trash, changed the filter in the air conditioning unit, and FOOT-SWEPT the living room floor. You are asking right now, maybe, how does one foot-sweep a floor? Well, if you're wearing socks, and there are a lot of scraps of cloth, and clipped threads, and pieces of tissue (used) lying all around in the floor where they missed the waste basket, you simply walk around and swish it all together into a pile in your socks, and then when you have it all in one place, you pick it up and put it into the trash. You then clean off the debris on your socks and put that into the trash as well. You will have dusted the floor, and cleared up what was in the floor, and "Voila!" you now have an acceptable looking floor again. 

Well, that is my week in review. Thanks for listening (reading) and I hope to be writing a new Sleuthin' Sidekicks story in June, God willing. 

This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. Thanks to all of you for reading my stuff. I enjoy writing it all. Love to all my friends and family. More later. Bye for now.  


Anonymous said...

That was quite the week. Sounds like you are defintely on the mend. So glad it had nothing to do with your heart. Happy Birthday chickie.

Grammy said...


D.G. Hudson said...

I like that foot-sweeping idea.

One of the ladies who day-cared one of our daughters before she went to school used that technique for spills too. She used a paper towel for that. Not as green as your idea.

Glad to hear you're better. And, Happy Belated Birthday! Too bad you didn't post those old photos so we could have seen the 'chickadees'.

Blabbin' Grammy said...

Thanks Actually, my birthday is not until 16th I will be 79

Anonymous said...

Hi Grammy! Sorry to hear you had been sick and that you had to go to the hospital. Glad to hear it was not heart-related.


Look forward to reading your next story.

Nikki said...

Hey Grammy!

Happy birthday!! These are lovely pictures. I'm sorry you were feeling so unwell, I hope you are feeling much much better now!

Have a lovely weekend :)

Pat Carroll Marcantel said...

What a scare! I'm so glad that you're all right now. If you're up posting at 5am, you're surely doing well.

Your "Let's Pretend" connection. :>)