Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Walk on the Wild Side?

Hey, Y'all,
Well, actually it was a walk on the sidewalk and there was nothing wild about it, but it makes a catchy title, doesn't it? Ha ha.

As  you may remember, I told you about getting a walker with a seat on it. I decided to "take it out for a spin" today and walked down to the CVS Pharmacy which is about four blocks away from my house. It was a great walk, and I enjoyed it. Weather is perfect for a walk, and after I got there, I went to one of the aisles and sat down to rest, away from other people. Lo, and behold, a very nice lady came over to see if I was okay, and (being me) I struck up a conversation, and we found out we had a lot in common. 

Her name is Kris, and before we parted, we knew a lot about each other, exchanged phone numbers and names. Her husband passed away just last October, we are both quilters, and we plan to get together soon. She is much younger than I am, but that doesn't keep us from becoming great friends. (Hello, Kris!) (I also gave her my blog address. :))

After shopping around for awhile, I paid for my purchases and walked back home. I plan to do Kroger's one day next week. I was able to put my purchases in the basket underneath the seat of the walker. I should have done the walker thing last year, but, hey, that's okay. Better later than never, eh?

Granddaughter, Julia, is in the hospital awaiting the birth of their third child. She is on complete bed rest, and has pre-e-clampsia so she is in there until four days after the birth. They are planning on delivering by C-section on Wednesday. I know they covet your prayers, and I thank you in advance for those.
Tomorrow is Sunday and I still have lesson preparation to complete, so I won't spend any more time here today. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. Much love to each of you, my friends and family. More later. Bye for now.

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Prayers for Julie, then.
You'll be strolling all over town before you know it, Ruby!