Tuesday, February 14, 2012

800th Posting - Wow? A Big Thank You, Too

Hey, Y'all,
I know my posts have been getting a little farther apart, but it seems like I have been busier than a tick on a hound dog or some such simile that could be cited. Anyway, I have a lot of projects in the works and it is difficult to really get busy on any of them. I've had to buy cloth for a new quilt to make, plus, I have been to the eye doctor a lot lately. I really would rather just hibernate in my gown and housecoat. I am still sleeping in the recliner, because the protective contact lens is still in my right eye. 

I went yesterday, hoping  to have the contact removed, but doc says it is not quite healed yet, so..... bummer. It is a little depressing, but then ... on the other hand, I am beginning to see clearly with my right eye again. I perform little test exercises to see if my vision is improving and Shazam! It is. I am going back on Friday and he said he would remove it then. He's the expert, so I reckon it will come out then. Hurrah!

This is my 800th post since I began my blog nearly four years ago (it will be four years the last of May). What a lot has happened in that time frame....Dubby ill in Ohio, my gall bladder surgery that nearly took me out of this world, grandchildren getting married, great grandchildren coming into the family, family members and close friends being diagnosed with cancer, my Dubby getting ill and passing on, my move from Tennessee to Texas, and the list goes on.

In it all, we can see the hand of God. He has been good to me and to my family members and friends, bringing us through the depths of misery with the knowledge that He is always here for us.

I am hoping to get some organization of my house accomplished today. Over the weekend, I cleaned out some boxes of cloth scraps that I had inherited from my sister when she passed on in 2007. Most of them were not big enough to make use of, so they are in a couple of bags, waiting at the curb for trash pickup. Her quilts were much different than those I make. She pieced quilts from small pieces of cloth, and I use larger pieces of material. Those she had left in boxes were full of dust and darker than I like to use. 

Also this morning, I washed new cloth and it is in the dryer now. Later on, I will need to press it in preparation to use. I hope to get started on the addition to the sides of Carol's quilt to make it long enough on each side for her to use it as a bedspread. I already have washed and cut the cloth for the addition and part of the batting is ready to use, too. 

One day this week, I plan to make a wreath to go on my front door. It won't be long until Spring and I want to have it ready to put up by then. I already have the "makings" for it. 

My living room looks like "the wreck of the Hesperus" where I have been "living" in it. I am moving the third work table back into it in a little while to work on the quilt, but first, things need to be picked up and put away. First, however, before that, comes breakfast. I have been up since around 5 a.m. and my hunger is reminding me that my belly needs its sustenance. Ha! It is already 7:30. I will have Egg Beaters and Pancakes. Yum!

Our weather was rather chilly over the weekend, but it is going to warm up for a few days now. We had some rain yesterday, but that has cleared out as well. I owe a big Thank You to family members who braved the cold weather on Saturday and came over to clean up my yard and put up a new gate on my fence. I so very much appreciate the work you all put in! Thank you, Carol, Daryl, Matt and Emily!  Love, love, love! Emily cleaned up the flower beds, so they are all ready to plant again when warmer weather comes. They mowed the yard and it all looks beautiful! Thanks again!

This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. Much love to each of you, my friends and family. Bye for now. More later. 


Daniel Bennett said...

Congratulations on 800 posts! Love you, Grandma!

Barbara said...

contrats on you 800 posts///I always enjoy them,and look forward to them.keep them coming.Hey I got a new great-grand baby today,on Valetine Day.That was a good Valetine gift.Her name is Abigail.Hope your eye is well by the time you go back to the Dr.Have a great evening.

Christina said...

Congratulations on your 800th post! And belated happy Valentines. Keep it up.

Christina @ Loafers

oceangirl said...

Wow! Congratulations Grammy. I had not been a good reader blogger lately but I enjoyed reading you and am glad I found you.

Better is Possible said...

Congratulations on 800 posts! Very impressive. So much has happened in your life in the past for years. Thanks for letting us have a glimpse of how you've coped. You are an inspiration.