Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Good Night's Sleep in my Bed

Hey, Y'all,
Today has been quite a busy day for me...I did get to sleep in my bed last night and it was really wonderful!  I didn't even have to have the television going in order to sleep...I also took the encouragement of my two daughters to use the quilt my sister, Margaret, made and gave to me several years ago. I put it on my bed and slept under it last night. It has thousands of tiny stitches in it, because she made it by herself by hand. We used it to drape her casket instead of getting a flower blanket, when she passed away in December of 2007. 

 This morning, after I had breakfast, I went to the podiatrist and she pronounced my feet to be looking better, and I decided to order some Birkenstock shoes from them, which will have an insert molded to fit my feet. I go in on Friday to have the fitting made, then I will be getting them in a couple of weeks. 

From there, I went to the post office to mail info to Teresa for my income tax (which she is very sweetly doing for me). I asked if they could put some tape across the back flap of the envelope and guess what the clerk told me????  "Sorry, we don't do that any more, because of the cutbacks..We don't have any tape to use..."

On to the Library, where I checked out a book that I had despaired of ever being written and published. I am a huge fan of Jean M. Auel, who wrote the Ayla books. "Clan of the Cave Bear" was the first in the series. I was so excited! I can hardly wait to read it. It was published last year and it is a really big book!

After leaving the library, I went to have my hair cut where I always have it done. They had a sign on the door that they were having a sale on hair cuts. I asked how many of them I could buy and take with me. Ha ha ha. A really sweet girl cut my hair for me and did a super job, also she gave me a good shampoo. Having your hair done really does wonders for you, doesn't it?

From there, I went to Kroger's to pick up a few items, and then on to my favorite place to shop...yeah, you guessed it! Hobby Lobby was the place. I bought some more material for a quilt I am planning to do, along with some other craft supplies. Then on to Freddy's steakburgers and had one of those, and now I am back home. I decided I needed to clean out my car from winter junk, in case anyone ever wants to ride in the back seat (maybe on Thursday). So now it is nearly 4:30 p.m. and I am about finished for the day. ha ha. 

My eye is still a little scratchy feeling, but it is feeling better than it did at this time yesterday. Well, that is about it for today. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. Much love to each of you, my friends and family. Bye for now. More later. 

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