Thursday, February 16, 2012

Meandering Thoughts

Hey, Y'all,
Well, today is a "stay inside and work day". I have been doing laundry and believe it or not, have done and put away (where it belongs) four loads of laundry today, along with cleaning up the kitchen and have yet to clean the floors, but hope to have that done before the day is finished. There is a lot of washed new material that I washed the other day, that is waiting to be pressed. I need the floors clean before I perform that very large chore. So, first things first. 

I am very hopeful of having the clear contact lens (the dr. calls it a bandage) removed from my right eye when I see him tomorrow. My vision continues to improve each day, PTL!

Everywhere I look in my house, I see things that need doing. I did get the enlargement finished for Carol's quilt completed yesterday. Yea! I have been gathering bits of quilt batting that are large enough to use in doll quilts and placing them in a plastic box in preparation for future use, as well.

Lunch today was yogurt and Pepper Jack Cheeseits. Ha! Supper will be something from the freezer. I have finished reading three of the five books I checked out about a week and a half ago. My sleep is sporadic while I continue to have to sleep in the recliner, so, quite often I just close my eyes and take a nap when I feel the need. I got my bed linens laundered and back on the bed, so it will be ready to crawl into tomorrow evening. (I did that little chore this morning). Yes, I have been quite the busy little beaverette. ha ha.

I have several projects that are "waiting in the wings" but they will eventually be done. Papers are waiting to be gathered up for me to get my income tax done. I know my person who does that for me would like to get her hands on them soon. 

The weather outside was beautiful yesterday and also today. I didn't get out yesterday until it was time for church at 5p.m. It was around 70 degrees and sunny. It is sunny today but only in the 50's. Haven't been outside today either, but will take the throw rugs out back in a few minutes to shake them out in preparation for sweeping. 

Time to put the drops in my eyes, so I will close this out. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. Much love to each of you, my family and friends. Thank you for continuing to read my meanderings and random thoughts. More later. Bye for now. 


myletterstoemily said...

you manage to pack more into your day
(pepper jack cheeseits!) than most
people do in a lifetime!

Teresa said...

Yes, your 'person' is waiting quite impatiently for those tax Glad you're getting your contact out today!! Talk to ya you bunches...