Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Visit to the Eye Doctor

Hey, Y'all,
Do you ever stop and talk to people you have never met before when you are in the grocery store? Well, I do (no surprise there, is there?) and yesterday, I stopped beside a lady who had company coming in for the next ten days. She was looking at the canned biscuit section and I said, "Now, we don't need those, do we?" 

She replied that she was thinking about making pigs in a blanket for her incoming company. I replied it would take a lot of the croissant rolls for that and suggested a sausage/egg casserole instead. She said that it sounded interesting but how does one make it. So as we stood there, I gave her (from memory) the recipe for it. She is the same kind of cook that I am (namely, adapting recipes instead of following exactly). I told her I wasn't sure of the exact amount of milk but gave her an approximate amount and she was okay with that. Hope it turns out okay for her. I don't know her name or telephone number, so I am just trusting that it all works out for her. 

This morning I had an appointment with the eye doctor because I have been having some trouble with my vision clarity. I discovered that my cornea in the left eye is cloudy. (Looks like rain????) She is sending me to a cornea specialist in the area on September 8th. I ain't a-fixin' to have a cornea transplant and you can bank on that! 

Tonight is church night (choir practice) and our church suppers begin again tonight, since school is back in session. Hamburgers and fries tonight, along with cake and ice cream for dessert. Sounds good to me. 

I am going to go into the kitchen in a few minutes and heat up some of the chicken livers and gravy I had for supper last night, to have for my lunch. Then it will be some more sewing of quilt pieces. I did go to the library while ago to return my books and check out some new ones. The ones I got today are all new best sellers. Yeah!

On this past Sunday, one of our Sunday school class members returned after visiting family in Oregon and brought each of us a jar of apricot marmalade. YUM! I had some on toast for breakfast yesterday morning. Wasn't that so very thoughtful of her? Thank you, Lois!

Well, lunchtime and I hear my name being called out by the livers and gravy. It is getting louder by the minute. Ha ha. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. Much love to each of you, my friends and family. Bye for now. More later.


Manzanita said...

That was really neighborly of you to give the woman in the market, a recipe for that casserole. My company just went home and the food situation went great. Good luck with your eyes. Hope the appointment goes well.

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Hope all goes well with your eye. Sight is so precious.

Petra said...

Hope all goes well at the eye doctor/specialist. I wish I could have heard your telling of that recipe. It sounds good! Can you pretend that I'm standing in the grocery isle while you speak/type that recipe into this here blog?
I was told that it never hurts to ask. :-)

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Yeah, I hang out and chat with complete strangers, too. (But if you think about it, when we part ways, we're no longer strangers!) Good luck with the eye specialist.