Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Just an Old Sew and Sew

Hey, Y'all,
Yesterday, I was just an old sew and sew. I stitched together 90 squares for my new quilt. I didn't do a lot of other stuff, though. I decided I would just stay in yesterday and sew. 

This morning, however, I only put together fifteen squares while I was waiting to go out for the morning. I left here this morning about 9 a.m. and headed to Wally World where I had a sausage biscuit and an individual apple pie, and yes, I did give away the extra pie. Goodness knows, I sure didn't need it, and really didn't need the one I ate, but ate it anyway. Ha. 

After I had my breakfast, I headed out into the store to locate a few things I needed and a few I didn't need. You can't get out of Wal-mart for less than fifty dollars, you know. If you can, you are a better man than I am, Gungha Din. 

By the time I left there, it was beginning to really heat up, and I headed on to the Kroger shopping center near my home and got my ears lowered. (For those of you who don't recognize that expression, it means I got a hair cut, revealing more of my ears than usual.) There is a little beauty shop in the shopping center that I go to when I need a hair cut. 

Then I moved my car closer to Kroger's and went in there to spend a few shillings so I could most likely add some pounds. Ha ha ha.

Speaking of pounds, I bought some chicken livers to cook. I have been craving them, and of course, they are not good for me because of the cholesterol they contain, but they are good for supplying the body with iron, which I do need. I guess it all kind of balances out doesn't it? I reckon so. For supper tonight, I cooked the chicken livers, made some country gravy (from a packet mix), cooked the one ear of fresh corn that I purchased, and thoroughly enjoyed it all. Of course, I had a lot of leftovers. I may eat them and I may not. Usually, one feast of livers is enough to satisfy my craving for them. 

Daughter Carol made some business cards for me with my picture and my blog address on them. How cool is that? Now I have them to pass out to people who seem to be interested in reading my random thoughts and ramblings. 

It was a little past one p.m. when I got home from all that stuff, and hot as blue blazes. Ever wonder why people say hot as blue blazes and not red blazes? If you look closely at a hot burning flame, the center of it is blue (especially one of those blow torches). Pretty hot, I would say!

Well, I am going to do some more sewing this evening. Not much on television tonight that I can figure is worth watching. I can put it on something that doesn't require a lot of attention and have noise in the house. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. Bye for now. More later.  


Petra said...

Hot as blue blazes, that's pretty hot! Maybe fall like breezes will visit you soon. Blessings!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

My mom has made quilts before - it's a lot of hard work!

welcome to my world of poetry said...

That's quite a bit of sewing Ruby, I'm sure it will look lovely when finished,


Susan Flett Swiderski said...

What a clever title! And that was a LOT of sewing. You earned that apple pie.