Friday, August 12, 2011

Out and About, Then Back

Hey, Y'all,
This has been a busy morning for me. After my shower, and attiring myself in clothing for the day, I took my blood pressure pills, grabbed my purse and keys, headed out the door and was on my way. 

We had quite a bit of wind last evening, because I noticed a lot of dead leaves on the back deck when I went out to water the flowers. They say the extreme heat has been killing the trees because of the concentration of heat on the roots underneath the ground. I believe it. It is definitely too soon for the leaves to be falling. 

Anyway, I headed for Glade Road, where a lot of the places I love to shop are located. First I went to IHOP and tried some of their biscuits and gravy. Yep, I had to send back the gravy and have it made hot. It was lukewarm when they brought it the first time, and served in a tiny dish. I requested another dish just like it, and it was much hotter than the second time the first dish was brought back to me. They were very nice about it (of course, because I asked very nicely). 

Next I headed for Hobby Lobby and bought some cloth and a couple of other items there, and then was on my way back in the direction of my home. Instead of stopping at my house, I went on to Kroger's because I needed to do some grocery shopping. That didn't take too long, and by eleven thirty a.m. I was back here and ready to rest. Yeah! All that was accomplished in only three hours. I have only been out anywhere this week four times since Sunday. I actually love staying indoors while it is so hot. Our heat wave ended yesterday after 41 days of temps 100 degrees or more. But it is heating up again soon. I think someone said we had six people to die from heat during the last 6 weeks. That is six too many.  

There is one real difference living here and in little old Jefferson County, Tennessee, as far as the traffic is concerned. With all the people living here, traveling the interstates each morning, noon, afternoon, and night, there are always wrecks tying up traffic. Even though they don't always happen during rush hour, they can back up traffic until the interstates become parking lots with no one moving. I see it every morning on the local news, and almost every morning, at least one or two of the wrecks have happened because one of the motorists was going in the wrong direction. That only happens occasionally back in TN. I think a lot of it here is because of the access roads, and a lot of it happens during late night or early morning. 

I thank the Lord that I live in an area where I can get to anything I need to without having to cope with the interstates or freeways. (Here even the state highways are freeways, comparable to our interstate 40 in TN) Thank you, Carol and Daryl for helping me to locate in such a quiet, accessible place!

Well, that is about it for today. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. More later. Much love to each of you, my friends and family. Bye for now.


Petra said...

You're right that is too hot! Stay cool, my friend. I should let you know about my new blog at in case you need something to read. Blessings!

Grammy said...

Thanks, Petra... I'll surely check in on it. :) Blessings on you, too!

Mom B said...

We've been continually thankful for our location, too. (which is, of course, basically the same as your location. :-) )

We're also thankful we found your home so near ours! Love you!

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Try and stay cool Ruby,

Enjoy the week-end.
Take care.