Thursday, July 28, 2011

Reflections of the Past

Hey, Y'all,
Well,  yesterday's post got me to thinking about old pictures and how they can show where we come from. While pulling out pictures for Dubby's memorial post, I ran across this picture that was taken 103 years ago, when my mom and her family went to Texas from Loudon, Tennessee. Mama was 7 years old at the time, and the whole Black and Wise family got together for a photograph before the William Gaston Black family went to Texas supposedly to live out their lives. If they had stayed there, then most likely what is my family would never have existed and I wouldn't be writing this blog, because the me that is - would never have been. Mind-boggling, isn't it?

My grandmother is the one sitting on the left with one of my aunts sitting on her lap. My grandfather is standing far left with his sister, (we called her aunty- pronounced ainty). Mom is the little girl with braids sitting on right front.
While they were here in Lorena, Texas working on the Westbrook ranch, my grandfather contracted the measles from his baby son, Franklin, who died, and then Grandpa had to work outside in the rain, got pneumonia and died. He was buried out there, and my Granny Black and her seven children had to return to Loudon to live. Granny was an excellent cook, but could not read and write; she was half Indian, and took in washing and ironing to keep her children in food and shelter. Her oldest children quit school and began working in a knitting mill there in Loudon, and brought their checks home to add to the family coffers. 

Had they not returned to Loudon, my mom and my dad would most likely not have met and therefore my family would not have existed, and I would not be the me that I am. I do know that God's plan must have been for our family to be what it is.  I am grateful... 

My dad's family came from middle Tennessee to East Tennessee where they lived on a farm down around Concord, Tennessee. My mom saw my dad walking along the street in Loudon, and set her cap for him. After several months of courting, which consisted mostly of taking walks (I have a picture of them walking through the cemetery) they were married. they say...the rest is history. 
This is Granny Black (mom's mother) on her wedding day on Nov. 14, 1894. This is a tintype photograph and thus is almost 117 years old.

Granny Campbell, my dad's mother
This is the only picture I have of my Grandpa Campbell. He is the one on the left. The one on the right was married to my Aunt Ruby (dad's sister)
This is a picture of my dad's brothers and sisters taken circa 1918. Dad was not in this picture. I think that is his mother whose face is barely visible behind the youngest child on the mule. 

My mom and dad on their wedding day. Don't they look spiffy? I never saw them so well dressed as they were there. This was taken circa 1919. They were poor when I knew them.
Well, that is it for now. I am the youngest daughter of theirs and the only surviving original member of it in this generation. All my brothers and my sister are gone. I know where they are, though, along with my mom and dad. I will join them some day and our circle will be unbroken then. We will all be rejoicing together with our Lord, Jesus. Where are you bound for when you die? If you are not bound for heaven or IF you don't know, think about it, and then take action.

This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. Much love to each of you, my friends and family. Bye for now. More later.


Better is Possible said...

Oh Grammy, these are wonderful pictures. What an incredible account of your history. I hope you've considered putting your blog in book form - such an astounding collection of life! Many blessing to you today.

Penned Pebbles said...

Beautiful recount, Grammy! I do hope your readers will consider where they stand, eternity wise, and put their trust in Christ for the forgiveness of their sins and reconciliation with God their Maker. And God is more than good in arranging all things, even your words here. Blessings!

Arlee Bird said...

That is very cool to have photos like that. I don't have any pictures that old. I think two of my aunts may have had some, but one of them died and I don't know where her photo albums went. It's nice to have that kind of heritage resource available, but I don't know if many people do.

Tossing It Out

Serbian Mink said...

According to *the 1900census* your grandmother, Margaret Black, was born in October 1872 and your mother Cecil was born in 1901.

Says that the Wm and Mrgrt Black married on Nov. 14, 1894. The wedding picture is thus 116 yrs old.

Grammy said...

Thank you, Andrea...does it give her maiden name as Margaret Meadows? The information you gave me is great...I was not sure of her birthdate or wedding date. I was just guessing. I appreciate that. Love you...

Serbian Mink said...

1880 census, Monroe County, TN

Jesse L. Black 40
Mary Black 44
John H. Black 19
Jesse G. Black 17
Lucinda E. Black 15
Andrew J. Black 12
Cassin L. Black 10
Lorenzo D. Black 9

William Black 7

Minon Black 6
Texas Black 3

1880 Census, Bedford County, TN

Robert Simms 68
Margaret Simms 60
Sarah Meadows 30 ---daughter
S. M. Meadows 34
Margaret Meadows 8 ---grand-dghtr
James T. Meadows 4
Elizabeth Meadows

Marriage License:
Name: Will Black
Spouse: Margarat Meadows
Marriage Date: 14 Nov 1894
Marriage County: Monroe
Marriage State: Tennessee

1900 Census, Marion County, TN

W G Black 25
Margarriett Black 27
Mary Black 4
Eugene Black 1
Emaline Newman 32 ---sister
Jessie Newman 10

1910 Census, McLennan County, Texas

William Black 36
Margaret Black 37
Mary Black 14
Thomas E Black 10
Cecil Black 9
Will Black 7
Daisy Black 5
King David Black 4
Edith E Black 2

Serbian Mink said...

Marriage License:
Ruby's Maternal Great-Grandparents (i.e., Margaret Meadows parents), Cecil Black's grandparents)

Name: Samuel M Meadows
Spouse: Sarah J Sims
Marriage Date: 30 Oct 1870
Marriage County: Bedford
Marriage State: Tennessee

1860 Census, Bedford County TN

Wm Meadows,Sr 42
Ruby's great-great MATERNAL g'fathr

Elizabeth Meadows 38 Ruby's great-great MATERNAL g'mother

Riley Meadows 23
Washington Meadows 22
John Meadows 21
William Meadows 20
Elizabeth Meadows 18

Samuel Meadows, Jr 15
Ruby's great grandfather

Margaret Meadows 12
Elias Meadows 8
Mary J Meadows 6
Harriet Meadows 4
Judy Yates 60 mother in law of Samuel Meadows Sr.