Monday, July 11, 2011

Five KInds of Blood Techicians

Hey, Y'all,
Not a very busy weekend in a manner of speaking. I did have some little elves come over and mow my yard for me Saturday. They were disguised as my granddaughter, Emily, and her hubby, Ben. They did a fab job on the yard, as always. It was really good to see them. 

On Saturday, I went to a covered dish lunch at my church, where I put my feet under the table with a lot of other seniors and we chowed down on casseroles, beans, spring rolls (made by a sweet oriental lady who comes and eats with us- she is not a senior by any means but is one of our members), and lots of other good foods. Desserts were yummy too. I had some Key Lime Pie and Pecan Pie. I thought of Tom when I ate the Key Lime and of Dubby when I ate the Pecan Pie. 

Yesterday, I was able to teach my class without my nose bleeding. Needless to say, I was worried it might do so, but I guess the warm salt water I sniffed before going helped to prevent the nosebleed. 

We are in our ninth day of triple digit temperatures and it is supposed to continue through the next seven days, reaching 104 tomorrow and Wednesday. I went this morning to have some bloodwork done, because the doctor thinks that my high liver enzymes suggest that I have hepatitis. WE know that isn't true because they are high due to liver abscesses I had from the gall bladder surgery that was badly done a couple of years ago, don't we? 

Say, how are your experiences getting blood drawn from your veins? I have determined that there are about five different kinds of techs or nurses that do the job. (1) This person is very friendly, but a little inept. (2) This person is not friendly, but quite good. (3) This person is friendly and is good at hitting the vein - where you tell them to (4) This person thinks they can hit the vein in your arm, even though you tell them they can't -they never listen. (5) This person should not be in the blood letting business because they are not friendly, are inept, and never listen to the patient. 

Now, the tech I had last week was quite excellent, but did not crack a smile or have a chairside manner. I couldn't get any really friendly response from her. The tech I had today was very friendly, and she did get the blood, but I thought I was going to cry when she jabbed the vein in my hand. Very painful.

Anyway, while I was sitting in the doctor's waiting room, I met a very interesting lady named Kathy and we are going to be facebook friends and even play some facebook games together. I have invited her to be my facebook friend as soon as I got home from the doctor's office. Yes, you know how I love to meet new people and make friends. Just can't help it. :)

This afternoon is the regular weekly getting together of some of the seniors at our church to eat out. We are going to the Cotton Patch Cafe for supper. They always have really good food. 

Tonight is the Season Premiere of "The Closer". YES! I admit it, I am addicted to it. The actors are a well knit group that work well together and make it so believable and entertaining. I feel like I know the characters portrayed personally. When I am reading a book, I really get into it, and am right there with them, feeling the emotions they feel. 

Well, that is about it for today. Lunch today will be a mayo, tomato, cheese, onion, and bologna sandwich. Yum! Nothing like food, is there? This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. More later. Much love to each of you, my friends and family. Bye for now.


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Hi Ruby interesting about having your blood taken, if I have to go to hospital they have a hard job getting my blood, even resulted in getting it from my groin......ouch!!!!!!.Yet if I have it taken from the doctor's surgery no problems at all.

I have seen how well you're doing on Face Book, keep up the good work.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I hate needles...

Laura said...

I have a terrible time with getting blood drawn as my mother did before me and my daughter does. I love a good tech. It helps when they're friendly too! They had such a hard time with my daughter once that they tried between her fingers. Ouch!

Penned Pebbles said...

Ah, blood technicians! I've had my share of all 5 types. My veins roll and at times decide to disappear. It's not fun is it?

I hope you'll stay cool. Neat that you have elves to help with the yard work!


myletterstoemily said...

hi grammy!

i will take an unfriendly tech who can find
the vein painlessly over a friendly one who
can't any day!

and i LOVE the closer, too.

it was so great to hear from you and see
how well you are doing.

you are my inspiration,