Monday, September 27, 2010

Kleenex, Anyone?

Hey, Y'all,
Seems like I am always needing a tissue for one thing or another lately. You know, either sneezing and wiping a runny nose or crying and wiping a runny nose. Ha. However, instead of buying a bunch of Kleenex, I just carry a roll of nice soft toilet tissue around with me for my sneezing, and usually just use the corner of my gown or shirt to wipe my eyes with and sniff a little to take care of the runny nose then.

Last evening at just about bedtime, I began sneezing in earnest -( no, there is no one named Earnest here, so guys drop the punning - ha) and it continued on for at least an hour or so before I went to bed just before one a.m. I really tried to sleep and succeeded for about 2 hours, then had to get up so I played Farmville til I thought I could go to sleep (about 5 a.m.) I tossed a bit and then turned on the tevee to low and went to sleep. I managed a couple of hours and finally got up at 7:30.

Thank God I haven't done a lot of sneezing since I got up. I fixed my breakfast and came in to my computer room and watched some tevee while I caught up on my farming and read Teresa's posting of her blog this morning where she commented on my early morning playing. Ha.

I am going to try to get some sleep in this afternoon. It was in the 50's here this morning. That is a real abrupt change in temperature. Yesterday morning I was up and showered and ready to go to church in good time. Odds were against my going though. I went out and turned on the car, backed down the driveway and looked at the dashboard instruments. I saw the warning light on telling me I had a low pressure in one of my tires. OH GREAT!!

Well, I called Carol to tell her I wouldn't make it, and why. She advised me to call Andrew and Julia to see if they had already left. I did so, and they were already at the church. Now, the distance to the church is not really a short one, so I knew no one would come and get me, so I went back into the house and took off my church duds, and got into my comfortable shorts and shirt, and settled down to fix my breakfast and enjoy the solitude.

I almost got the baby quilt finished for Mae's great great granddaughter, and will finish it today. I have the binding pinned on around the edge and intend to get that done today sometime. Carol and Daryl came over about 3 p.m. and Daryl put checked all the tires and put air in some of them. It turns out that the spare tire needed air in it, and that was what was causing the warning light to be on. It seems that there is a computer chip that causes the light to come on when the air is low in the spare. That is because, I guess, if you have a flat and need the spare it will be inflated enough to use. I know one thing for sure - if I ever have a flat it will be someone else who will have to change the tire, and most probably would be the AAA because I don't do tires. Ha ha.

Carol and Daryl also brought Dub's wheelchair and walker that had been stored in their garage, and that was hard for me to see them again, and of course, I cried. (That was when I needed the kleenex, but just used the corner of my shirt. ha) Daryl very kindly put them into the little closet that is in my garage so I wouldn't have to look at them every time I come out into the garage. It seems I just cry at times and can't control it. Have you ever tried to swallow food when you are crying? It just can't be done.

Well, that is about it for today. Much love to each of you, my friends. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. More later. Bye for now.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Glad you noticed the tire before you drove on it. Hope the weather changes and helps with your sneezing. I know it always affects me!

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Hi Ruby, When I sneeze I always sneeze about 12 times, this is a daily occurrence with me, I did go 2 months without one sneeze why I don;t know.
As Alex says it could be to do with the weather, I hope you get a good nights sleep tonight.
As for crying it does one good to have a cry.
Take care of yourself.

Julie said...

Oh thank you Ruby for stopping by. I have been meaning to write you. I'm sorry I haven't. I'll write you in a moment but wanted to stop by your blog and see what's happening.
I'm sorry you are sad. I know it's part of the healing but still so sad. Grandma says going to church was terrible the first couple of times but it's better now and something she really needs.
I'm off to read a bit more. Take care Ruby and I'll write shortly. Thanks again Ruby for checking in on me. God Bless!!!

arlee bird said...

I had a strange bout with runny nose, watery eyes, and sneezing last week. It lasted about 24 hours. I couldn't figure it out since nothing like that had ever come upon me in that way. Having it before bedtime would not be good. I don't do well when I miss my sleep.

It's super hot in L.A. for a few days with record breaking temperatures. And it's been so nice for most of the summer. The heat made it difficult sleeping last night. Tonight I may have to break down and run the air conditioner, something we have never done at night.

Tossing It Out

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ruby! I have been keeping up with your posts from my Goggle Reader, but haven't replied in a while.

Sounds like things have been going well for you down in Texas! It must be wonderful living amongst so many family members, especially having so many different generations involved!

Sneezing is such a funny thing! My best friend during high school would always sneeze about 5 or 6 times when she did sneeze! We used to laugh so hard about it.

I remember my grandmother got rid of my grandfather's walker and wheelchair after he passed. She said she couldn't look at it either! It was hanging on her garage wall, but it didn't last long there.

Hope you continue to do well! I always enjoy your posts, but oftentimes read them on my Blackberry while on the run with the kids. Ha!

Take care of yourself....and enjoy that beautiful family of yours!