Thursday, September 2, 2010

Anybody Seen an Ark Floating Around?

Hey, Y'all,
It started raining (storming, pelting, driving rain) yesterday afternoon. When I saw the rivulets running down the street, it reminded me that I am no longer on a hillside in east Tennessee, but in a town that is flat and where, when you are driving along, you will quite often come to a sign that says, "Do not continue to drive here if there is water covering the road" or some such saying. Well, I was not actually out driving, but looking down my driveway to the street contemplating going out to pick up my mail from the mailbox. Needless to say, I decided to just wait until this morning.

I thought of the rain that used to carry the gravel down my driveway in New Market, before I had the driveway paved. But it still carried the gravel down the neighbor's driveway and made gullies on either side of their driveway. Yesterday was one of those "not do a lot" days, where I remained in my nightgown all day long, and didn't stir out of the house. As I reported on yesterday's blog posting, my grandson, Andrew came over and hooked up the water dispenser to the fridge that I had gotten at a bargain from a lady who was selling her home, and Carol's family went to a lot of trouble storing it and then getting it over here into my house.

Andrew cautioned me to watch for a leak in case the connections were not tight. Well, about a half hour later, I went into the bathroom to put a fresh towel on the rack and noticed some water in the floor near the commode. I thought at first that it could be water that had splashed out from the tub. But, no, it continued to seep out from under the sink cabinet as soon as I mopped it up. "Hmmmm," I thought, "that is strange. Wonder where it is coming from?"

"Oh, no!" I ran into the kitchen and saw immediately that there was water all over the floor and it had run into the dining room a bit. I called Andrew and he came back over immediately. By the time he got here, I had already put down three bath towels to soak up the water. He checked the connections and they were all dry. It turned out that the water was running in a small steady stream from the front dispenser, and down the front of the fridge. All at once I realized why the fridge had been such a "bargain". I had him disconnect it all again, and told him just to forget it. I have lived 77 years without one of those gadgets, and I reckon I can go on without it. I don't really use ice to amount to anything, anyway. I really prefer my water without ice in it, because it tastes better and more natural to me, and it is better in your innards without being cold, too.

Last evening, I was on my computer when all at once, I lost my internet connection. Gasp! OH NO! Well, I tried all sorts of things to get it reconnected, and thought then that I would just go in the living room and have a grilled cheese sandwich and watch some television and try it again later. I worked on some pictures to get ready to hang, and finally, at 9:30 or so, I thought I would try it again. No soap, so I did the internet explorer repair of computer thingie. That didn't work either. I was champing at the bit to get back to my Farmville game to reap the crops, so I thought that I would try my laptop since it is wireless. I hooked it up, and it said I was connected, so I said, 'ah ha' and was really bummed when it wouldn't load the explorer page.

It told me what to do if the internet was not working, about disconnecting the power to the modem and waiting a bit, then reconnecting. Shazam! I remembered the same thing happening back in TN. So I did that, and Voila! It connected with the internet once again on my desktop computer. The storm must have momentarily taken out the internet service, which had to be corrected the way that I did it.

Well, about midnight, I crawled into bed, and was so glad to listen to the rain outside, knowing I was inside cozy and comfortable. Thank you, Lord, for providing for me! I am so grateful.

Well, that is about it for now. I am going to hang a few pictures after while, do some laundry, read some blogs, pray for Teresa (which I have already been doing) as she has the surgery this morning to implant the chemo port in her body, and hope she is able to be resting comfortably this afternoon and tonight. She begins the first of many chemo infusions tomorrow. Please continue to remember her and Tom and son and daughter-in-law, (BJ and Christine) as she goes through this time to come. Thank you. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. More later. Much love to each of you. Bye for now.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

For a do nothing day, yours was quite eventful!

aLmYbNeNr said...

I like the do-nothing day! We will remember Teresa and please let us know how it goes!

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Ruby you were "Busy Doing Nothing" as the song says. Hope you have a better day today.
Keep dry and take care.

Julie said...

Ruby, can I ask you a question about being alone after your hubby pasted away? My grandpa is modeling today and we know it's just a matter of a few days and he will be in heaven chatting with his mom and rest of the family. He will be leaving my grandma alone and I am so worried about her. They've been married 78 years. What can I do, say...anything to help her? I know I can't grieve for her or anything but we are so close I just want to do something. I am still so sorry your hubby is gone and you have been transplanted all in just a months time. I know life must end and other move one, it's just so hard. If you have any ideas for me please e-mail me at engine3 at rileyautosupply dot come
Thank you Ruby for stopping by for a visit. I so love your comments and thoughts. Happy birthday to all three of your family members and I hope that you have a super grand weekend. Take care and God Bless!!
P.S. Teresa will be in my prayers along with her family.

Nf1andprek-whisper said...

well doing nothing is a fun day.. but not with a bargain... that doesn't work and a leak.. I think I can live without a lot of gadgets they have now a days... I don't need ice machines, microwaves... cell phones... etc...