Monday, June 7, 2010

Some Improved Cognition

Hey, Y'all,
By 9 a.m., I was on the road to the nursing home, eager to see if Gramps was as wide awake this morning as he was yesterday morning. Well, no, he wasn't, I am sorry to say. He was still abed when I got there, and Rick got him up and helped him get dressed (with Rick doing the majority of the dressing). After Gramps was seated in his wheel chair, I had Gramps take out his choppers and I cleaned them for him. I got him to take a good sip of water to rinse out his mouth, but couldn't get him to spit it out into the basin. Eventually, he had a damp spot or two on his sweat shirt. Man! I mean, I couldn't even get him awake enough to either swallow or spit.

Before too long, they brought in his dinner (lunch to some of you) tray. Lunch was a cold piece of pizza and a serving of cold kernel corn. They were having a problem with the water and announced that aides should be conservative with linens until it was repaired. I found out that the problem was a sewer back up, and that it happens every once in awhile. One of the aides told me that in the past they have found towels and washcloths that have been flushed and wound up in the sewage. (Yes, I am a Blabbin' Grammy...If I hear it, I tell it)

After lunch, the occupational therapist came for Gramps and I left for lunch (mine) and went to Shoney's to have a good nutritious lunch - you know - mashed potatoes, green beans, fried chicken, salad and water to drink. When I came back, Gramps was still down in the therapy department, and I went outside to read awhile. Upon my arrival back in his room, he was waiting for me -I'm sure - and I was glad to see he was more awake than earlier. I showed him how he could move his wheelchair by moving his feet like he was walking, and he finally caught on how to do it, so we went out into the hallway, and he "walked" his wheelchair down the hall, and we went outside for about twenty minutes. We watched the cars and motorcycles whiz by and made observations about the birds, etc.

After we went in, he lay down for a nap, and I went back outside to read and enjoy the outdoors. After an hour or so, I went back inside and he was sitting in his wheelchair and waiting for supper. It was an hour more before supper was served, and we watched television while waiting for it. He really wanted to go back to bed but I kept up the chatter until supper came and he spent the next 30 minutes eating. He ate a good part of it, and then there was more time to wait until he could be put back to bed. That is when I left for home.

On my way home, the traffic was pretty heavy on 92. It is a heavily traveled road because it is a straight shot from Jefferson City to the Interstate. Part of it is 55 mph and the rest of it is 45 mph. Well, I was close to Jefferson City and in the 45 mph section leading into the city, and along whizzes a car that must have been doing 75 at least. I thought, "Wow! He sure is in a hurry. Wonder where the Highway Patrol is right now. I'll bet he gets stopped by the Jefferson City police if he doesn't slow down soon". Well, I needn't have worried. Right behind him (about 30 seconds later) came a Tennessee Trooper. I heard the siren and saw the flashing lights in my rear view mirror. I quickly moved over to get out of his way. (Of course)

In a couple of blocks, I saw he had caught the fellow and they had both turned off into a side road.
I felt like doing the old arm thing where you pull your arm down and yell, "Yes!"

Well, I have had my grilled pimento cheese sandwich and it is about bedtime. Maybe a glass of milk before I go to bed will help me sleep. Tomorrow is another day, you know. I am a little encouraged by the improvement I saw today, and every day with some improvement deserves a milk salute. Hmmm?

This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. More later. Much love to each of you, my friends. Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

Clinking milk glasses with you Grammy! And I tell ya... how fun that you got to see a Trooper get the speeder! That never happens to me. lol
Glad your day with Gramps went well. Still praying for you both!
Hugs and sleep well,

Wanda said...

Glad to see Gramps is having some improvements. I'm sure it does him good to see you.

Unknown said...

hang in there... funny about the speeder


It's heart warming Ruby to know Gramos is make improvement. You must be very tired with all the going and staying with him as I can remember my mother -in-law was in hospital for 6 months and I always find those places very titing.
Take care and God Bless.

Jan said...

I am glad to see Gramps is improving a bit. Please, please take care of you as well.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Glad Dub is doing better.
And boo-yah! Nothing like seeing someone getting busted. As long as it's not me.

Margie's Musings said...

I am happy gramps is doing better, grammy.