Saturday, June 5, 2010

What a Night!

Hey, Y'all,
Last evening I went to bed at 9:30 (seems to be getting earlier each night, ha.) and went to sleep, only to wake up to a noise somewhere in the house. I got up and checked both doors to make sure they were locked, and they were. So, I went back into the bedroom and crawled into bed once again.

I had some stupendous dreams after going back to sleep. I had on my mind the fact that they were going to remove the Foley Tube from Gramps yesterday evening but had not done so before I left. I know I was thinking that they might not. Well, I dreamed that I went home and Gramps was lying on a leather couch in our living room (we don't have a leather couch, by the way) and a male nurse was reclining on the floor near him. I asked what was the idea, and the male nurse said, "He wanted to come home to die." I asked why did he still have the catheter in. The nurse said, "Oh we were busy watching Jay Leno, and didn't want to take it out. We were too busy."

About that time, my dream switched and I was looking at a new red convertible with Gramps and he was okay. He told me that the car was for sale. I asked how much did the fellow want for it. Gramps said, "only 106,000 dollars". I said, "My goodness, we can't afford that!" Gramps said, "why don't we just take a spin in it and see how we like it?". So we got into it, and drove it around a while and then came back to the fellow selling it. I said, "I reckon not, but it is a beauty." The car was shaped funny, too. It had two front seats, but only one back seat behind the driver and the other part was closed in like a box. I think it was a Volkswagen model. Just too funny!

Yesterday at the nursing home, Gramps walked more than he had the day before. He also ate pretty well, too. They moved him from the room he was in, to another one across the hall and down one door. He got a pretty good nights' sleep last night, and yes they did remove the Foley. However, they have to reinsert a Foley to drain the urine about twice a day. Gramps was quite alert this morning and very chatty this morning. Rick, the CNA, told me after Gramps' shower this morning that he stood up without assistance. Isn't that wonderful? I am beginning to have hopes again that he may be able to eventually come home.

I took Gramps outside for dinner today, and stayed outside for awhile after dinner. When I took him inside, he wanted to take a nap, so we put him to bed for one. I left then and came back later this afternoon at about 4 p.m. His CNA had gotten him out of bed so he could wake up for supper. All the while he was sitting up, he was looking at the bed longingly, but I talked to him and we watched tevee, until he ate his supper around 6 p.m. and then we put him to bed for the night. The people there are wonderful to him and to the other residents. They are very patient and caring, and for that I am thankful.

Today, I met the wife of Gramps' new room mate. She is a delightful lady in her late 80's, and she was telling me that her husband fell and broke his hip some time ago, also has Alzheimer's and has not walked since his hip was broken. He is just a year older than Gramps. His name is Lloyd, and her name is Adele. She has to go three times a week for dialysis, so she doesn't come every day, because the dialysis wipes her out.

Well, I must stop for now and find something to snack on for supper. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. More later. Much love to each of you, my friends. Oh, yes, when I was eating lunch at the Gondolier today, I was talking with the waitress who had served me a few days ago. She has a boyfriend who is soon on his way to Afghanistan to serve in the military. Her name is Melanie, and his name is Tyler. Please remember them in your prayers. She is very concerned for his safety, naturally. Thank you all for your continued prayers in our behalf, too. Bye for now.


Ann Best said...

I hope you rest well tonight. God bless both you and Gramps.

Ocean Girl said...

It is indeed nice to hear about Gramps standing up without assistance. Rest well tonight Grammy. I had dreams too last night and they wore me out in the morning.

myletterstoemily said...

what a crazy dream! i'm glad that
gramps seems so be improving
every day.

his new roommate's wife sounds


Hope you have a more restful night tonight. It's good you have hope that Gramps will be home again, He's tougher than people realise.

Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

Your dreams must be as vivid as mine sometimes. That sure was an interesting one! Hope Gramps continues to improve. Try and get some rest. Thinking of you both. Love and hugs, Judy

Barbara said...

I guess you are encourged to see Gramps doing better,Maybe he will get back home soon.Hope you can get some rest at least at night.Hope he continues to improve,but sometimes it seems one step forward,and two steps back.But God is still in control.

Patricia Stoltey said...

Nights full of dreams and nightmares are not very restful, are they? I hope tonight is much better.

Tanya said...

I'm so glad uncle dubby stood alone, that really is good news!!

txbennett said...

Talk about stupendous dreams! I once dreamed that I was different parts of my truck. First I was a wheel, then I was the muffler. I woke up tired and exhausted!