Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Physical Therapy

Hey, Y'all,
Well, today I had a talk with Gramps' physical therapist, Sam, and he regretfully told me that because there is not continuing improvement in Gramps' condition, he is going to have to discontinue his physical therapy after this week. However, the speech and occupational therapy will probably continue on for awhile, I believe. What this all means as far as Medicare paying for his stay at the nursing home, I am not quite sure of yet. I am going to investigate the matter with the admissions manager. I hope it doesn't mean that I will have to begin paying for his care myself.

He has begun pleading for me to take him back home to our place here, and it is very difficult to tell him no. He said today that we could work together and make it work. I said that I was sorry but there is no way that could happen with my back the way it is.

We went outside this morning for him to eat his lunch, and he enjoyed being outside. When this happens, I take him outside and get him settled at one of the tables, and then I have to go back inside and down the hall to get his food tray, carry it out, and also get one of the bibs for keeping food off the clothing. Then after he eats, I take him back inside. There is a code that has to be punched in at the door and there are only a few seconds to get the door open and then get the wheelchair back inside before the alarm sounds. Usually there is someone outside to help with the door, and sometimes there is not. That is when it is really difficult to achieve success, but I have done it at times. After I get him back to his room, I have to come back out and get the tray and take it back to the cart in the hallway. It can take several minutes to accomplish everything, and it can be tiring.

Gramps always has to have his cap and sunglasses to be outside and sometimes I forget to get them, and have to go back and get them. What fun! But I don't mind doing it, to keep him happy and comfortable. When we get back inside, he starts patting the bed and looking longingly at it to take a nap. I usually leave after he has eaten his lunch and they will either put him to bed or take him for some kind of therapy. Then I leave to go back home or to eat and return about 3:30 or so, before he has supper at 5:15.

Yesterday, I left about 5:45 after he had eaten, and came home for supper with our neighbors, Scott and Laurie, and their 3 children. After we had eaten, we played "Apples to Apples" and had a lot of fun playing. Soon after they arrived at my house, the storm began and their was thunder, lightning, and lots of rain. It was wonderful and cooled off the temperature outside really well, so that today the weather was much cooler.

Today, I left after he had his lunch and went to a hair appointment in Jefferson City. While there, I heard about a bank robbery that had just taken place in Dandridge apparently while I was at the nursing home there. Sharon, the beautician who worked on my hair (and did a beautiful job) was talking on the phone to her brother who drives a tow truck and he was telling her about it. The one who robbed the bank was throwing money out the window of his car, and rammed three police cars trying to get away. The police finally nabbed him near Newport, chasing him around a lot of curves. What an adventure that must have been. Her brother said that people were picking up money all over the place. ha. I really enjoyed the time I spent with Sharon at the beauty shop! She is a lovely lady.

Tonight I left Gramps getting ready to go to bed, and came on home. I guess I need to get off here and get busy doing "stuff" that needs to be done. So, this is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. More later. Much love to each of you, my friends. Bye for now.


Bud Ezekiel H. said...

i sure and pray that Medicare picks this up for you Ruby....

the bank robber probably figured he'd get away by throwing the money out the window.

i'm sure all those people will give the money back too.....

then again, an ice cube has a better chance in the Sahara Desert of not not melting...

myletterstoemily said...

good for you for standing up for
yourself. how could you possibly
care for him by yourself.

you are being such a wonderful
support. let the caregivers do
what they are able to do.

i will keep praying.

apples to apples is lots of fun!

Trudy said...

Hi dear Ruby. This was a nice update...sorry I've been so absent lately, my little Benjamin keeps me hopping.

I will keep you and Gramps in my prayer regarding his care and whether Medicare will continue to pay for everything. I will certainly pray that is the case dear.

Have a blessed night and so glad to hear the weather has cooled off for you!


welcome to my world of poetry said...

I feel so sorry for you Ruby, it must be hard for you to tell gramps he has to stay put, but you too have an obligation to your own health, if he came home your health may suffer then you would not be strong for Gramps,
You are doing a wonderful job.
Take care.

aLmYbNeNr said...

I really hope Medicare doesn't let you down.
I feel so bad for Gramps, wanting to go home and not being able to do so.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I know it's rough that you can't be together at night as well.

txbennett said...

Now that the house deal is getting close to being settled, I will try to put some time into investigating possible nursing homes reasonably close to the house. If you and CB could chat and let us know exact details of his physical condition, we will communicate the same to the nursing home folks.

Clara....in TN said...

Hi Grammy. our time of meeting each other is getting closer. Lisa has two new baby goats at her place and the Mother goat doesn't have any milk. That means I will have to feed them three times a day. I will feed them around 12 noon on Friday and then leave for your place. I don't know how long it takes to get to your place from Blaine, but I should get there around 1:00 PM. I will call you when I get to New Market. Don't go to any trouble....I mean it! See you Friday! (I may not have time to write tomorrow. That is when Hospice is coming for Bill ) And I will have to go see if he is settled in before I leave here.)

Anonymous said...

The bank robbery sounds like something you see on t.v. with Bonnie and Clyde! I hope you and Clara have a wonderful visit tomorrow and enjoy your time together. You will have to take pictures and write about your meeting.