Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday at our Home

Hey, Y'all,
All is quiet here in our home. It was a long night. I woke up at 5:30 (new time - or should I say new old time?) and although the clock said 6:30, I knew it was not. I had not yet turned back the page of time. I now have changed the kitchen clocks. Gramps got up at what he thought was 8:15 a.m. and not knowing it was actually 7:15. He came into the kitchen and sat at the table while I made breakfast (sausage, eggs, biscuits and coffee). We only have that one day a week at home. After we finished eating, I looked over and saw he was sitting at the table sleeping. So I sent him back to bed. Wasn't that sweet of me? Ha. It was either that or send him into the living room to sleep in his chair.

I cleaned up the kitchen and then took my morning shower, and came in here to get dressed and turn on my computer. I can see evidence of Teresa having been online earlier this morning, and I know from what I read that she and Tom are probably working on the installation of wood flooring in their bedroom. I guess no chatting with her will take place until she gets too tired to work anymore.

Thursday afternoon, I had a visit from my friend, Phyllis, and she brought me some delicious cookies that she had made. Yum! They are about gone. I had just gotten back from Walmart, and exchanged a pair of overalls I had bought to wear. Someone asked me where I was going to wear them, and I said, "Anywhere I take a notion to." I love wearing them. It keeps my arms agile, reaching back for the strap to fasten over my shoulder. Ha. Of course I had to roll the overall legs up some because the inseam is too long for my short legs. Safety pins do come in handy, don't they? And they add to the ambiance of wearing overalls, don't they?

Friday, we headed into Knoxville for our "movie day" this past week. We watched the other movie that was on the dvd that we had watched the saturday before. This movie was "The Over the Hill Gang Rides Again". Well, I thought that both movies were on the same side of the dvd, and kept fast forwarding through the first movie and came back each time to the beginning of the first movie. So, I was finally smart enough (took long enough, ha) to take out the disc and look at it. I saw in the very small print that it had a side A and a side B. Duh! So we finally got to watch it. We had gone to Shoney's to have lunch before we watched the movie, and enjoyed that. It had been several months since we had been together to Shoney's.

Yesterday, I was up early and spent the day on several different things. I cleaned the front and sides of the fridge with clorox wipes and rearranged the decor on the front of it. (Pictures, magnets, telephone numbers, etc.)
Also cleaned the bathroom and worked on my quilt for Will (BJ) some, and did some rearranging of cloth I had stashed in different places and put it all in an under the worktable box, and put it (yep, you guessed it)- under my worktable. I also made some great vegetable beef soup of which we dined on for supper. My friend, Ina Ray, stopped by for a visit and it was wonderful to see her (as always). I gave her some of the soup and cornbread for her dinner today.

We had no Halloweenies to stop by last night. We do not celebrate Halloween, but we like the candy! Ha. Well, my kitchen is clean, and I am clean, and I may take a nap after while, who knows...

This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. More later. Love to all of you. Bye for now.


Barbara said...

Hi Ruby,I hope you are enjoying these beautiful days without rain////I think we needed a break don't you???Have a great day. Love Barbara TN said...

Hi Grammy, hasn't it been pretty weather for a few days? I love it. there's so much I need to do. I don't know weather to work inside or outside. I'm glad you are feeling good. Take care now, and I will keep in touch.

Grammy said...

Dear Barbara and Clara,
Thanks! The weather is beautiful, isn't it?