Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Good Day Today

Hey, Y'all,
Well, today was a good day as far as Gramps is concerned. I was up and having my breakfast in the kitchen when Gramps sashays in ready for breakfast (around 8:45). I helped him get his breakfast ready to eat, and then fixed his shot and administered it to him, and made a pot of coffee.

After he had finished breakfast and headed back into the living room, I finished getting the trash ready to carry off, and then when I left the house, I had the trash bagged up and put it in the car, and told him I would be back after going to Walmart.

Yesterday we went to Knoxville for our "movie day" and had a really good time going out to the Cracker Barrel, and then came back to watch the movie I had taken with me, "50 First Dates". We all laughed and enjoyed the movie, and then Gramps and I headed back home, dropping my sister-in-law, Mae, back at her house.

Gramps and I had ordered the spicy grilled catfish at Cracker Barrel and had enough left over for his lunch today. I had a couple of kosher hot dogs and some honey dew melon for my lunch. That took care of our lunch today (which I prepared after getting back from Walmart around noon). Early this morning, after arising around 7 a.m., I put the final row onto Will's quilt on the sewing machine, and then pinned it down to do some hand stitching on the last row.

After lunch, I cleaned the kitchen and sat down to do some hand stitching on "the quilt", and then decided I needed a nap. So from 2 to 3:30, I took a short nap (didn't sleep all that time), and finally got up, and did some more work on it.

This afternoon, I started supper and fixed some chicken livers, gravy, biscuits and opened a can of spinach. Yum, it was all very good, you know. I have spent a lot of time in that kitchen today, and washed dishes twice today,which is a lot for me. Ha.

Tomorrow, we will be going in to Knoxville to help celebrate Mae's 90th birthday. Her children have planned a reception celebration for her at the church where the Campbells have belonged for many years and where I met and accepted Jesus and was baptized 62 years ago. We look forward to helping them celebrate.

Gramps is watching the University of TN football team play right now against Univ. of Memphis. I am watching nothing right now. Nothing new on tonight. I will probably play a game on my computer, or do some more stitching on the quilt.

Well, that is about it for right now. My daughter, Teresa, had some sinus surgery on Thursday, but is recovering quite well. (Thank you, Jesus!). This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. More later. Much love to all of you. Bye for now.


azdarlene said...

Hey Ruby,
Glad you and Dub is feeling better and at home and getting back to normal. If you get this in time, Please tell Mae Happy Birthday for me. We miss you guys so much, need to find a way back there some day.
Love you all,
Darlene and Mark

Anonymous said...

We went to Cracker Barrel on Friday to eat the cod fish. I love it and always eat too much when I go. Hope your daughter is o.k. and you are enjoying your weekend.

Barbara said...

Ruby,I am glad you are back in the movie day, I am sure Imazo and Mae enjoyes it as much you and dub does.I bet you all had a lovely time with Mae yesterday.The weather was wonderful.Rain is coming they say.Have a great day.
Love Barbara