Friday, November 13, 2009

A Plethora of Bath Stools

Hey, Y'all,
We are now the proud owners of three bath stools that can be used in the bathtub. You see, it happened like this. When we were living in Florida, in 2004, I had triple by-pass surgery on my heart, and when I came home from the hospital (after Hurricane Ivan), my son-in-law, Tom, bought a bath stool for me (Pic. # 1). So, of course, when we moved back to TN in 2006, we brought that one back with us. I used it for a long time as a seat while working on my flowers on the front porch.

Then last year, when Gramps was sick and the home health care people said he should have a transfer bath seat, (while we were still in Ohio, stranded there while he was in a rehab facility). So I bought one, and when we got it home a week later, it was so big that there was not enough room in our little bathroom to use it. (Pic. # 2). So, it became a seat for me to use in my workroom as a sewing chair, also is useful for two of my neighbor's children to use at the dinner table.

This year, one of the home health care professionals (the occupational therapist) recommended that he have a transfer bench to use for his showers. I told her I did not want one unless it was made of the same material as the small seat we had in the tub at the time. (pic # 1). So she said, yes, it would be of the same material. So we received it on Wednesday, and the physical therapist was here when it arrived and put it together for us. (Pic. # 3). It is exactly like one that we had eleven years ago to use when Gramps had part of his left foot removed and needed it then. That one, we had gotten rid of when we moved to Florida in 2004. So we have come full circle now.

Tomorrow is going to be movie day for us this week. Today was Mae's true birthday, and so I called her and sang happy birthday to her and we chatted for awhile.

We had supper an hour ago and now we will have dessert (honey bran muffins with coffee). This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. Much love to each of you. Bye for now.


1coolgranny said...

Hello Ruby, I have been reviewing some of my comments from my prior blog and ran across yours. Decided to visit your site since it has been a while. I love the shower chairs since I am a home health nurse myself. In addition, I have had 3 surgeries on my knee since this past December and am currently unable to work. However, I have acquired enough medical equipment to stock a supply store! LOL. I have a hospital bed, a walker, a bedside commode, two or three canes, lift belts, knee braces,etc.,etc. However, I do not have a shower chair!LOL. I am on the road to recovery now so hope I can store all this stuff. I am afraid to get rid of it. One never knows!


Loved the story about the bath chairs,I do hope you enjoy your movie night.
Take care both of you and God Bless.