Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Lovely Sunday

Hey, Y'all,
Sunday dawned clear and mild. It was a day to celebrate my sister-in-law's (Mae's) 90th birthday. Her birthday is actually on this coming Friday, but her children wanted to honor her by giving her a reception at her church home, City View Baptist, in Knoxville.
It was a beautiful time of celebration and friends and family came to wish her well.

Mae was beautiful ( as always) in her purple outfit, and charming smile, and didn't look a day over 80. We all had a great time and were pleased to see her happy and honored.

Gramps and I left around 4 p.m. and went to Jefferson City and had supper at the Gondolier in Jefferson City.

We are celebrating our 33rd wedding anniversary today and had planned to go out to eat, but the weather was so gloomy and rainy that I just fixed supper here and we will go out to eat on Friday, which is actually Mae's real birthday, and was also my brother, Hugh's, birthday and this year will be the first one that he will not be celebrating with us since he passed on last January. We used to all go out on the friday closest to the 13th and celebrate our anniversary and birthdays together.

Oh, yes, yesterday we had the next door neighbors down here for supper with us for the first time since I had been so ill. It was wonderful to be having them eating supper with us again, and of course we played dominoes after supper. We had a great salad of romaine hearts, that had a lot of different toppings,(dried cranberries, raisins, english walnuts, green onions, cucumbers, dried french onions, chopped boiled eggs, sunflower seeds, pecan crusted chicken tenders, mushrooms, carrots, ) and was delicious, followed by apple pie topped with ice cream.

A funny story about the apple pie: Yesterday morning, I peeled and sliced the apples (granny smith), and put them on to heat so that they would do well in the pie. Well, I got busy eating my breakfast of oatmeal, with walnuts and raisins, and forgot about the apples. When I finished my breakfast, I realized the apples had been on too long. OOPS~I found they had turned into applesauce, but guess what? After draining them, I simply added a little more cornstarch than the recipe called for, and it made two beautiful yummy pies.

This afternoon, I finished another step in Will's quilt, and am ready to put the binding around the quilt. That will take a few hours to do, I think. I may begin to work on the binding tomorrow. I do have a dental appointment to get my teeth cleaned tomorrow. I am also supposed to be getting delivery on a transfer bath chair for Gramps. They were supposed to be bringing it today, but had the address wrong. I don't know how the whole wrong address matter got started with the home health care people in Jefferson County, but from the very beginning, they had it wrong and every health care person that has come out here since we got home from the assisted living facility has gotten lost because they had the incorrect address. They would call me and then I would give them directions and the correct address.

So after they called me around noon today to tell me that they would be delivering the bath chair, and it came to be 3:30 and they had not come, I started thinking that maybe they had the wrong address, so I called them and sure enough they had tried to deliver it to the wrong place. They assured me it would be delivered tomorrow.

More on that later. Ha. Well, now to identify the pictures I have posted:
1. Top: Mae and her children, Fred and Norma
2. Next:, Mae and sister, Lucille, and brother, Clifton, and nieces and nephews.
3, Mae and family of children, grand children and great grandchildren.
4. Imazo, Mae and me.
5. Mae and Gramps (doesn't he look dapper?)

I took more pictures than this but decided to choose these to post. More pictures of this summer past tomorrow.

This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. More later. Much love to all of you. Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

Hi Grammy, I sure did enjoy your pictures and you are right she doesn't look anywhere near 90. Happy Anniversary to you and Gramps. Your dinner sounds wonderful. I am so glad you are back home and doing so well.


Hello Ruby, many thanks for the visit which is much appreciated.
Many congratulations on your anniversary the 10th certainly strikes a cord with many people,
Your post was wonderful to read and everyone looked so happy,
Hope both you and Gramps are well.
Take care.

Sandra Van Winkle said...

Love these photos of everyone. I had hoped to make it, but I have a paper for Ed.Psychology due and needed to get prepared for a trip to Nashville for a curriculum revision committee meeting...just too many things I 'hafta' do and not enough time for the 'wanta' do. Thanks for visiting my blog and your always wonderful comments. You know your blog is how I keep up with everyone. I love it. Love you too! Maybe I'll stop one by one Friday during movie evening and interrupt you all. Take care.

Barbara said...

Ruby,The pictures were lovely.Thanks so much for posting them.Mae looks so pretty,so do the rest of you.Have a great day.