Sunday, November 15, 2009

Movie Day, The Vols, and Fog

Hey, Y'all,

Yes, we went to Knoxville yesterday for Movie Day and had a really fun time. We went to eat at the Red Lobster (to celebrate Mae's birthday - she really loves to eat there - and also to celebrate our 33rd wedding anniversary). Hugh and Imazo would have been married 57 years on November 21st, had he lived to then. Hugh's and Mae's birthdays were the same date. He and Mae were 9 and 18 respectively when she and my brother Bill were married.

After we had a delicious lunch, we went back to Imazo's and watched a movie called "Lullaby of Broadway" with Doris Day and Gene Nelson. We all really enjoyed it, and Gramps actually smiled and laughed at parts of it, and really brightened up at the music in it. I realized then that I need to play more music around here so that he will enjoy it.

As you may or may not be aware, we are Tennessee Vol fans in this house. (Our son-in-law in Texas, Daryl, is also a dyed-in-the-wool Vols fan). We were dismayed to see Ole Miss tromp our boys yesterday, but then, they played better football than our team did. Some gotta win, some gotta lose - that's the breaks of the game. Next time, we'll get 'em. (See pic of wreath near our front door - that was supplied to Gramps while he stayed at Terrace Estates Assisted Living Place in Morristown, while I was in Alabama in June trying to recuperate from reconstructive repair surgery of gall bladder. It was supplied by his nieces for his door so he could recognize his room.)

Something else about Terrace Estates - while we were there together in September, I was asked to write a short piece of prose about our stay there, which I did, and they took mine and Gramps picture. The idea was to place an ad in the local papers to let people know that it was a good place to reside, both for long term and short term times. Well, our piece was in the Morristown Tribune a couple of weeks ago, and then in the Jefferson Standard Banner this week. I guess we are famous now, huh?

I went out early this morning down to the mailbox to get our Sunday paper and noticed the fog which had come in during the wee hours of the morning and settled in the low-lying places. It reminded me of the poem by Carl Sandburg that just about every child in America has heard of or memorized. He wrote the poem almost a hundred years ago. Here it is:

The fog comes
on little cat feet.

It sits looking
over harbor and city
on silent haunches
and then moves on.

I love that poem, and never fail to think of it when I see fog. I took pictures of it, so that I could post them here. One area of the fog covered the land on which we once raised tobacco and corn. Another area is of the house that we lived in for quite a few years and the land it is on stirs up memories for me, and will do so for those loved ones who know it as well and who will see this.

We had planned on going to church today, but when I asked Gramps this morning if he was ready to get up and go, he said he didn't think so. So, here I sit, doing things that could wait until later and keeping busy. I put on some chicken to cook for the chicken pot pie I am making tomorrow for supper with our neighbors. I added a few carrots, some onions, some spices (ground cayenne pepper, sage, thyme, oregano) to it while it is cooking. When the chicken is done, I will let it cool and chop it up to the right size for the pot pie, and save the broth from it to make the white sauce with. Then tomorrow it will just take adding it all together with the cream style corn and the small green peas, and put it into the big bowl I cook it in with a pie crust lining the bowl and some velveeta on top of the mixture, then top it with another crust, and bake it. For dessert we will have fresh frozen fruit mixture (blueberries, raspberries, peaches and mango, with some honey dew melon mixed in with it) topped with Cool Whip. YUM!

I also worked on Will's quilt some this morning, and have the binding put on it. Next I will be doing hand stitching around each flower on the squares. I am beginning to see the end of it. I am excited about getting it to Will (B.J.). He is in the cold north of North Dakota in the U. S. Air Force. We are so very proud of him (as we are of all our grands and great-grands) and love all of them dearly.

Well, that is about it for today. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. Much love to all of you. Bye for now. More later.



Sounds like a good time was had by all Ruby, very interesting post. most enjoyable to read.

Also thanks for the visit much appreciated.


Mom B said...

You need to post your prose, and the pic, and tell us what got published!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Grammy, we need to see the picture with your poem. I love Red Lobster, too. One of my favorite places to eat along with Cracker Barrel like you. Sounds like you had a good time on movie day. Have a good week. Oh, your pot pie made me hungry!