Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to Matthew

Hey, Y'all,
Today is the birthday of our grandson, Matthew, and he is 25 today. I have heard it said that one's brain doesn't mature until that person reaches the age of 25. If that is true, then congratulations are truly in order for Matt! Personally, I think his brain has been quite mature for a while from many of the posts I have read of his. Matt, I hope this is a lovely day for you and one you will remember for a long time.

It has been a year and a half since I have seen Matt, but I do occasionally see pictures of him and his girl, Amy. I look forward to seeing them sometime in the spring. I also look forward to seeing the rest of the family (as does Gramps, as well.)

Speaking of Gramps, he and I had a regular breakfast this morning. I try to see that we have eggs, bacon (or ham for him when I have it), biscuits and gravy (and of course, coffee) once a week for breakfast. On other mornings he has his Cheerios, and I have my hot oatmeal with raisins, and walnuts along with a piece of toast.

After I cleaned the kitchen, I went into the living room and told Gramps that I was going down to get the paper. He wanted to know why our neighbor had so many tin cans in his yard. I looked out and saw water on the leaves, shining in the sunlight. We had a pretty heavy frost last night, and by the time he looked out, the frost was gone, leaving only water on the ground. That was what he thought were tin cans shining. Then I walked down to the road and got our Sunday paper. Last night was a clear night and when I looked out the window at 3 a.m., I saw the full moon shining brightly in the night sky. When I looked out about 6 a.m., I could no longer see the moon, but saw light from millions of tiny twinkling stars.

We are still eating left over turkey as sandwiches. They are mighty good, too. We also still have left over pumpkin pie and apple cobbler. The apple cobbler is really good when I reheat it in the microwave for a short time and then add vanilla ice cream to it. I love the pumpkin pie, too, with cool whip on top. YUM!

I am posting a picture of my family in Texas (and Illinois) which I lifted from my son-in-law's blog, and put on my computer of their Thanksgiving holiday and also celebration of Matt's birthday. Matt is the one in the white shirt, and his girl, Amy, is on the couch almost directly in front of him (she has long blonde hair).

People in the picture are: Left to right, back row: Grandson, Andrew; Son-in-law, Daryl; Grandson, Daryl; Ben, Emily's boyfriend; Granddaughter, Emily; Grandson, Matt;
Front row, left to right: Austin,( son to Dan and Whit) ; Julia (wife to Andrew) holding their daughter, Alyssa; Our daughter, Carol, (wife to Daryl) Ellie, (daughter of Dan & Whit); Whitney, wife of Daniel, holding their son Noah; Amy, Matt's girl; and Hannah, standing to the right, is Dan and Whit's oldest daughter. Naturally all the children are grandchildren of Carol and Daryl, and are our great grandchildren.
We are consumately proud of all of them and love them all dearly.


Mom B said...

I can only wish you and Dub had been in the picture with us!
Love you!

Anonymous said...

I am still eating leftovers, too. I think they are going out tomorrow. It has rained here today and turned colder. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving. I spent most of the day today in my pj's and I never do that. I was so overloaded for the past few days I needed a day of rest. TN said...

I have a Geranium blooming in my window box.....with a Christmas Wreath behind it. Wierd, isn't it?