Monday, June 20, 2011

What Kind of Sneezer Are You?

Hey,  Y'all,
Well, I reckon maybe since I began sneezing last night around bedtime, and the back inside of my throat near my sinuses feels itchy, there will be more...that I have my cold back from about a month ago (or one very much like it...ha). I had hoped to go eat with the seniors this evening, but right now, I am not sure I will make it...sorry, y'all. 

When I was thinking this morning about what to put on my blog today, I thought "what about the kind of sneezes that people do?" So, here goes. First, there is the smothered sneeze...wouldn't you hate to be a smothered sneeze, where you never got to express yourself? Poor little sneeze, dead before it got to be a sneeze.

Then consider the little sneeze that sounds like a kitten hiccupping. Those poor little sneezes never get to achieve their full potential either. 

A little bit more assertive are the ones that sound like you are telling a cat to scat, and somewhat meaning it to go for sure. 

Then you take mine....(Please! ha ha)...mine are the kind that when one sneezes, people know it...kind of a Whattt-Chooo those are so satisfying...I do cover my mouth and nose (it takes both hands). I  reckon maybe I can do a pretty good sneeze, but not as good as my daddy's sneeze was. Jim Campbell could sneeze and there was not any doubt that it was a sneeze. I also inherited my propensity for allergies from him. Gee, thanks Dad..and passed it on to my kids...Sorry kids... Oh, yeah, and my sneezes never come just one at a time, but in series of great number. It was so embarrassing at school, that I couldn't sneeze just one time and stop. (Now those, I did try to smother, but without much success)

You are welcome to comment here about your sneezes, if you've a mind to. I reckon I'll just stay in today and nurse my nose and try to catch it before it runs away...ha ha. I expect this to be over with in about three days or so. I'm expecting some of my grandchildren to come over on Friday evening to watch a movie with me. 

Carol and I went to my church last night for a performance by a men's quartet. They are called the Penny Loafers and began singing in 1985 while in college at Berea, Kentucky. They still live in Berea and are in Dallas for a music conference. They happen to be friends of one of our church members. I really enjoyed having Carol sitting next to me and introducing her to a lot of my friends. 

After church, I went to Braum's Ice Cream parlor with some of my friends from church. Carol was invited but had to decline because she really needed to get back home and finish up some things before going to bed. It was really good to go out with them, and I enjoyed it tremendously.

This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. Much love to each of you. Bye for now..More later.  


KarenG said...

Sounds like you had an allergy sneeze, that itching at the back of the throat means allergy. I sneeze around dust.

welcome to my world of poetry said...

When I sneeze, If I sneeze once I go into double figures this occurs everyday. Once I didn't sneeze for 2 months and I thought something was amiss, but they returned.

Hope you haven't got a cold.
Take care.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Average sneezes I guess, but there's always more than one.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Although I catch them in the crook of my elbow or a tissue, I'm a loud and proud sneezer, and usually do it in threes.

Penned Pebbles said...

I'm a hearty sneezer! I was told not to smother my sneezes lest I blow my brains out. I don't have enough brain to blow any of it out, so I let my sneezes roar, with both of my hands covering my face, of course. :-)


Grammy said...

Well, I have certainly been exercising my sneezer today...Still sneezing and have used a roll of toilet tissue blowing my nose. (cheaper than kleenex and lasts longer). I am pretty sure it is not allergies, since I have a lot of experiences in that arena. I'm feeling really bum right now...not hungry either...Whine whine whine. Ha. thanks for all the kind comments. Ruby

Mom B said...

I enjoyed getting to meet your friends! Thanks for inviting me. Hope the sneezles get better!

Elaine in Florida said...

Sorry you're not feeling well and hope your "sneezes" get better soon no matter what the cause!