Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Grammy's Morning Out

Hey, Y'all,
Well, I decided it was time for me to escape from my house for awhile, since I have been recovering nicely from my cold. I took my shower (I'm sure the people with whom I came in contact should have been pleased about that..ha). I climbed into my little red batmobile and headed out of my bat cave after electronically lifting the door to it. My first stop was at one of my favorite eating places (Le Peep's). 

While I was in there, a couple came in with their little granddaughter and she was absolutely adorable. She had her little box of crayons and they sat behind me, so I had a good listening post to hear what they were saying. She was coloring in circles that her grandpa was drawing for her, along with butterflies and other simple drawings. When I was ready to leave, I turned around to speak to them (of course) and complimented the child on her coloring. I heard her complain that she had no purple or orange, so I told her how to use red and blue together to make purple, and how to use yellow and red to make orange, and how to make green by putting yellow and blue together. She was excited to know that. I also told her to put her three primary colors of red, yellow and blue together to make brown. 

Her grandparents told me she is only three and a half, which surprised me, because she is about the size of a regular five year old. They told me her dad is six foot tall and apparently she takes after him. I know she is quite precocious, too. Soon we were all on our way out. 

I then traveled on to the post office to get some stamps and mail a package, and from there to the public library where I returned some books and checked out three more murder mysteries. 

My last stop was Kroger's and I took my time going through the store, but when I got to the check out stand, a lady using one of those motorized buggies was in front of me, and she could not reach the card swipe thingy to swipe her card or to sign it. I felt quite compassionate toward her, and in a few minutes my groceries were checked through, and she was still sitting in the seat of the buggy. The cashier and I discussed the fact that she might need help or might have been left behind by her ride. After I got my grocery cart, I rolled it up to her and asked if she needed any help and she had some dollars in her hand. She replied, "No, I'm just waiting to play lotto," and it floored me momentarily. 

I wiggled my finger at her as if to say, "Why are you wasting your money in such a manner, when you could do so much better to save it?" She said, "I know," and I just shook my head and went on out of the store, thinking, "Yeah, you have trouble reaching the card swipe, but apparently no trouble reaching the card slot to play Lotto." Judgmental? Yeah, probably, but it just really irritates me to see people throwing their money away hoping to get more, when they could save it and have more. My brother, John, who passed on in 2008, would go walking and looking for coins as he walked. When he got a dollar, he would buy a lottery ticket. Did he ever hit the big one? Nah. 

I'm off my soapbox now, and you may disagree with me, but that is your right, just as it is the right of people to throw away money in hopes of winning more. I just can't see the good in it. I know that much of the money spent on lotto and lottery tickets comes from the pockets of people who can ill afford it, and would be better spent on milk, eggs or bread to feed their families. 

This evening is choir practice at church, getting ready for Sunday's international service. More about that later. 

Well, this is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. More later. Much love to each of you, my friends and family. Bye for now.


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Hope you are over your cold, am experieincing some of your hot weather in the US,

Take care.

Penned Pebbles said...

"I know that much of the money spent on lotto and lottery tickets comes from the pockets of people who can ill afford it..." I couldn't agree more, my friend. I always enjoy your posts! Blessings!

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Glad you were able to get out and about again. I love the way you so thoroughly immerse yourself in enjoying the moment and the people around you.

As for the lottery, when the jackpot gets reeeeeally high, my husband and I sometimes fantasize about what we'd do with all that money. But we aren't likely to ever find out, because we don't actually buy a ticket. Oh well. The only sure way to double your money is to fold it before you put it in your pocket.

Grammy said...

Hey, Y'all,
Thank you for the kind comments. Yvonne, we have had a short spring, and today it is supposed to be up to 97 and in the 90's the rest of the week. I guess that means we are going to have a long summer. Ha.
Petra, and Susan, glad you agree with me that people should save their money and not throw it away on pie in the sky wishes.