Monday, May 23, 2011

My Stay at the Minnis House in New Market

Hey, Y'all,
Feeling kind of crummy today...thought I just had allergies, but I think now it is a cold. I'll try to post an upbeat entry today, but my heart is just not really in it. Just want to sleep but can't.

Anyway, the next morning after I got home from Tennessee, I discovered a new way to lose ten pounds. I got up and went into the bathroom, stepped on the scales, and Shazam! I had lost ten pounds. I couldn't wait to tell Teresa about it, so I sent her a text message. Then I thought, "I'll just check that again" and got back on the scales. Only this time, I put on my eyeglasses. Alas! The ten pounds were back again. Just shows what a difference there is between seeing the numbers clearly and not seeing them clearly. Ha ha! That was the fastest loss and regaining of weight I ever experienced. 

I wanted to show you some pictures of the bed and breakfast I stayed in while in New Market, Tennessee. It is owned and operated by two really good friends and long-time acquaintances of mine, David and Kim Stapleton. The Minnis House is quite old, and beautifully refinished and furnished. 

Kim took my picture while I was sitting on the front porch of the Minnis House
This is the downstairs bedroom where I slept
This is the folding door to the bathroom in my room
These are  the sitting rooms where one can just relax and chat.
This is the stairway to the upstairs three bedrooms.
This is the dining room
Kim and David prepared and served a delicious breakfast the next morning, and Gene and Judy came over and had breakfast with me and then we left for Sunday School and church. I had enjoyed my stay tremendously and would recommend the Minnis House to anyone who is going to be in the area. This is not a commercial, but simply a kind word to my hosts for that evening and morning. 

Later that Sunday (just a week ago) I dined with Gene and Judy and we played Rummykub (I had never played it before) at her mom's house. Later I went to see the performance by the four children's choirs at church, then after that was over, I went on back to Knoxville to my Mae's home. 

Yesterday, I was privileged to teach my Sunday School Class. It was wonderful to be in the teacher's place again; it had been a long time since I taught. I will be teaching again next Sunday. Yesterday afternoon we went to Andrew and Julia's house to celebrate two birthdays (Julia's and mine) along with Mother's day (Julia's, Carol's and mine) We had four generations in the house during that celebration. Isn't that wonderful? Pictures on this tomorrow. 

This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. Much love to each of you, my friends and family. Breakfast calls to me. More later. Bye for now. 


Laura said...

It looks like a wonderful bed & breakfast! Such a peaceful place to rest your head?
Hope you're feeling better...

Elaine in Florida said...

Hi Ruby...sorry to hear you're feeling a bit "under-the-weather" today and hope each passing hour finds you better. :) Loved the pics of the B& looks sooo inviting. Will be looking for the pics of birthday/Mother's Day celebration.


Mom B said...

Poor Mommy! Let me know if you need something!

Romayne said...

Hello, Ruby! This is Romayne from the Artisan Theater. It was a pleasure meeting you and I'm glad that you shared your blog information with me. I have enjoyed reading about Blabbin' Grammy's adventures and look forward to future posts. Please take good care of yourself and feel better soon!

Your 'theater buddy',

Barbara said...

Ruby,Bless you.Thanks for the phone call today.Really enjoyed talking to you.Hope you get a good night of rest tonight,and feel better tomorrow.Love you/

Grammy said...

hey, y'all,
Thank you for the well wishes! Still kind of crummy feeling, but carol brought me some basil tomato soup (home made) and I really enjoyed a bowl of it for supper and plan to have the rest of it tomorrow. Thank you, daughter! Just reading your comments help me to feel better, all of you! Love, Ruby

Penned Pebbles said...

Beautiful B&B! And I've got to remember that weight loss trick the next time I need to perk myself up a little. :-)

Hope you'll feel better soon!