Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Special Day

Hey, Y'all,
A story for you: The year was 1952, exactly 57 years ago. The two women walked carefully along the sidewalk, because of the snow on the ground. It was afternoon, and the younger of the two had an appointment with the doctor. The young women were both petite, and the younger one was heavy with child. They were bundled warmly against the cold, bitter wind that was blowing across the icy sidewalk. When they reached the bus stop, the older one assisted the younger in getting onto the bus.

After several minutes travel on the bus, they exited the bus downtown and crossed the street carefully to the office building where the doctor's office was located. The pregnant young woman was filled with excitement and anxiety, not knowing exactly what was ahead of her.

Upon reaching the doctor's office, the expectant mother was told that she would be delivered of her child (still not knowing the sex of the child) by Cesarean section that evening at the St.Joseph's Hospital. She was told that due to her small-framed body, it would be safer for both her and the child. She and her husband had chosen two names. If the child was a boy, he was to be named Gordon, and if a girl, Carol Deanna. Carol was a feminine form of Charles, and Deanna was because the mother really liked a movie star named Deanna Durbin. I looked her up online and found she is still living. She is 87 years old. Can you believe it?

Later that evening, with the older woman, Margaret, (sister to the younger woman, Ruby), waiting in the surgical waiting room, the father came to the hospital after getting off from work, and the two waited while Carol was delivered to Ruby at 9 p.m. The doctor later told the parents and aunt that Carol Deanna was born crying. Carol has been blessing family and friends with words and affection ever since.

The next evening, her Uncle Harold came with her aunt and father to visit babe and Mother, Ruby, with stories of how they got lost driving over and of going the wrong way on a one-way street, making Ruby laugh and making her belly hurt from the surgery. The doctor had told her that she awakened from the surgery saying, "Oh, my tummy, oh, my tummy! It hurts!"

I was in the hospital for a week, and it was a Catholic hospital in Indiana. I was far away from home and parents and other family (except for my sister, who had come up to help me during this time). The nights were long in the hospital, because at 9 p.m., visitors were sent home and the lights were out in the hallways. The nuns would walk up and down the hallways carrying candles or some kind of lights, and it was scary. (I had never seen a nun before that time). I really missed the mountains and people of East Tennessee, and had never been in the hospital for anything in my life. What a new experience it all was for me!

Yes, this is the story of how my oldest daughter, Carol, came into this world, fifty-seven years ago. All those in attendance, except for Carol and I, have gone on to their rewards, and only we are left to tell the story. Of course, Carol doesn't remember this part.
There is a lot more I could tell about this time in our lives, but I will save it for another day.

Happy Birthday, daughter! The name Carol means "song of joy", and she is. We love you, Carol.
Pictures: top: Margaret, Ruby, Harold (Uncle and brother to father),Carol
next one is: Carol and little sister, Teresa (aren't they just the cutest?) my favorite picture of them.
below that is: Next one down is Ruby, Charlie and little Carol being held like a sack of potatoes. (poor kid)
next down is Carol at age of 3 months
Then is one of Carol and her family (Whew!) Isn't it wonderful to have such a large family?
Next are picture of her's and Daryl's grandchildren, followed by pic of Carol with her car.

We had snow here last night, just enough to blanket the ground. It is really pretty. Gramps got up in the middle of the night the other night trying to see it snow.

He woke up while ago before I got up, and said, "where's the nearest bathroom?". I turned on the bedside lamp and directed him. When he left the bathroom he looked into my workroom and said, "you have a junkroom in there.". Ha. that lets you know what it looks like to him. I told him it was my workroom where I sew and craft and compute. He said, "oh, okay".

He came back into the room and apologized for coming into the room and disturbing me. I said, "no bother, this is your room too, and there is your bed." So he climbed into his bed, and I rearranged the covers that he had pulled loose and covered him up. I told him that I had been sleeping next to him for the past 33 years, and he went back to sleep. Dear Gramps! What a love he is.

Well, that is about it for today. We didn't get to go into Knoxville this week, but maybe next week if the weather cooperates and we feel like it. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. More soon. Much love to all of you. Bye for now.

8 comments: TN said...

Thank you for that story of Carol's birth. My daughter was born on January 22, 1962. I had been in bed, flat on my back for three months. I can remember how blessed I felt to finally have a daughter....and still do today. Sweet memories!

Grammy said...

You're welcome, Friend!
Daughters are wonderful,aren't they? I would give up anything for either one of them.

Grammy said...
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txbennett said...

Thank you so much for these stories. I heartily agree that she is indeed a Song of Joy.

Daniel said...

GREAT story Grandma...very well told, like a real story teller. I did not remember that mom was named after a movie star! Thanks for sharing! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM!

texasoperastar said...

Deanna Durbin just turned 88 on December 4. I have a tribute website filled with photos and all her movies can be watched in the cinema section. Best wishes!!

Mom B said...

Thanks! I didn't know I was named after Deanna Durbin! How cool! Love you, Mom!

Sandra Van Winkle said...

What a wonderful birthday present for Carol. Happy Birthday Carol! May you (and your beautiful mother) have many, many more!

Thank you Ruby for all your great stories. I enjoy them.

Love you all.