Monday, December 14, 2009

A Busy Day

Hey, Y'all,
Here it is nearly midnight, and I am just getting my blog done for the day. I have been up now for eighteen hours and almost went to sleep while ago sitting on my couch and almost watching tevee. (drowsing, you know). Finally, Gramps said, "Why don't we go to bed?" I replied, "Good idea" and now here I sit blogging. I came in here to check my e-mail and other computer stuff, and I'm not so sleepy anymore.

This morning began with arising at 6:30. I went into my workroom to lay out Christmas gifts and organize to whom they go. By the time I had that done, it was 8:30, and I knew that I needed to get some of them wrapped, and sent away to the recipients. So I spent the next little while wrapping and choosing the proper box to send them in. By 9:30 I was ready to head out to the shipping place and send them. I left the house and had the box sent by 10:00 and then headed to the Walmart to get some groceries and do some other shopping.

At 11:00 a.m., I was back home and cutting up stew beef to make vegetable beef soup for supper for us and our neighbors. At noon I finally sat down to my hot oatmeal and toast.

A little later, Gramps got up and I got his breakfast ready. After he ate, we got him into the bathroom for his semi-weekly shower. After his shower, I worked on adding ingredients to the soup, and then began making some yeast rolls to go with the soup. I used a recipe that I got from a friend's blog. It has been years since I made any yeast bread. You should have seen me using the hand mixer to mix the dough. It was crawling up the beaters and trying to cover the mixer. Fortunately, I was stronger than the mixture and cowed it back down into the mixing bowl. I had to pick the dough out of the beater holes later when I was through placing the rolls in the pans.

I came out with more rolls than the recipe said it would make. When they were done, they were really good. I will make them again, but only do half the recipe. After we had finished supper, we only had 12 rolls left. We had eaten about 36 (7 people eating)of the rolls I baked.

By the time I had cleaned the kitchen, and swept the floor, supper was ready and I set the table, so I sat down and relaxed as I read for a few minutes.

Our neighbors came down then, and we had supper and enjoyed it tremendously. Dessert was Key Lime Pie. I didn't make it, but bought it. It was good anyway. ha. After supper we were playing super Uno, and Scott received a call telling him that one of his brothers had just been taken to the hospital, and had been diagnosed with congestive heart failure, with blood in his lungs as well. We stopped the game and immediately prayed for his brother. Scott then began calling his dad and other family members to try and get more information.

Please pray for Scott, his brother, and other family members during this time of trial for them. I will pass on info about his condition as I receive it. I know they covet your prayers.

Well, tomorrow I am hoping to hear that my new sewing machine has come in. Goodness, another new machine to get acquainted with and learn to use. Isn't it wonderful? I so much enjoy learning to do new stuff.

It is after midnight and I am watching a new episode of "The Closer" which was on at the same time that "Lie to Me" is on another station. TNT repeats shows about 2 hours after they are on so that you have more opportunity to see them.

I will be going to bed around 1 a.m. and I am sure I will sleep well. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. More later. Much love to each of you. Bye for now.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Grammy, Your meal sounds so good. Did you make my rolls? It sounded like my recipe. If so, it usually makes about 36 rolls. Guess they all depend on who is making them. lol. If they are the ones on my blog, they keep well, and you can reheat them. I will pray for Scott. I have not made veggie soup yet this year. I need to do that because we love it.