Friday, December 4, 2009


Hey, Y'all,
What is delayed, you may ask. Well, the day before yesterday, I was doing pretty good stitching along on my little sewing machine which also does embroidery. I was doing a decorative stitch, reinforcing the binding that I had put on Will's quilt so that it would add to the beauty of it. After breaking the second machine needle on that particular step in the quilt making, the needle's thread started breaking every few stitches. I opened the plate under the needle and cleaned out all the lint I could find. Tried it again. No luck. After I got the thread to stop breaking, then the machine began making only half of the design.

After quite of reading the instruction book (no help there),I changed needles again, and put in a smaller size, and when that didn't work, I finally gave up and called a place in Dandridge that repairs machines, and he told me to bring it over.

I took it over and he called me later in the day and asked me if it was worth over $125 to me to have it repaired. I told him that I paid over 900 dollars for it, and I didn't want to have to replace it. He told me the $125 would probably cover the labor of taking it apart. He seemed to know what was wrong with it, and described the problem to me. Something loose down under the bobbin case that is not catching the needle's thread properly seemed to be the problem.

So, I went back to doing the hand stitching on the quilt on each square. I finished another square yesterday. That only leaves 23 of them to do yet. I had finished all but part of one side of the decorative stitching around the edge of the quilt.

Well, Gramps is up today, and it is not quite 8 a.m. We went to bed last night around midnight, and he seems to be staying up longer during the day. That is good. He seems to have good days and some not so good. He stubbed a toe sometime during the night before last, and it was bleeding yesterday during the day. We put some peroxide on it and he put a bandage on it. I will check it out today and see how it is doing. He can't afford to lose a toe, having only a half foot of the other foot. He needs all the balance he can get.

He may have a therapist's visit today. I need to get him into the shower this morning some time. He just doesn't like to do showers, but we don't always get what we like, I reckon. ha.

Well, he is checking his blood sugar right now, and will soon be ready to eat. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now..More later. Love to each of you. Bye for now.

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Barbara said...

Hi Ruby,Hope you get your sewing machine fixed, those things are handy to have.Glad you all are well,we have the crud/or something.Coughing and blowing.hope it gets better soon.I hate feeling this way.Have a great evening.