Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's A- fallin' !

Hey, Y'all,
Each time I see the snow falling through the air and softly landing on the ground, I am reminded of what my sister, Margaret, and I would do when we saw it snowing. One of us would call the other and would immediately say (when the other answered the phone), "It's a-fallin'"!

I miss those phone calls...she is in a better place now, anyway. Margaret passed on from this life into the next on December 29, 2007.

This morning I was up at 5 a.m. to visit the bathroom and then decided to just stay up. A little later, I was puttering around between the kitchen and my workroom, when I noticed the bathroom door was closed. I thought, "Aha! My Sweetie Pie is awake and about." He came into the kitchen ready to eat breakfast, so I fixed his cereal and coffee for him, and then after he had eaten, I asked if he wanted to stay up or go back to bed.

He decided he would go back to bed and asked me, "Which way is the bedroom?" I pointed to the back door and said, "You don't want to go that way, because it leads to the outside, so you need to go through this door behind you and then turn right. That will take you to the bedroom." So off to bed he went, and I followed him in and helped him get settled into the bed.

I went back into the kitchen and made my breakfast of a bowl of hot grits and a piece of toast. As I was sitting there I realized that a caregiver centers a lot of their life around the needs of the cared for, and yet tries to save a little time for their own needs as well. Our lives are shaped by time as needed for the caring of the loved one.

Time certainly moves a lot more slowly now than it used to. It is kind of the way that when a person has a new baby, it takes a lot more time to do the simple tasks or errands that once were done quickly. When doing them with a person to whom you are giving care, more effort is expended.

I still have a few presents to wrap but not very many. I have ordered the present for Gramps from LL Bean, and it should get here any day now. I went to look at Peebles for the sweater vest, but all they had were XL size and that is too large for him. I just hope he likes it. He is very difficult to please, you know. I have been trying for years to please him with things I would choose, but to very little avail.

I guess I will make potato soup some time today or maybe tomorrow. We may just eat leftovers today, along with either dinner or supper being a breakfast meal. One day soon I will be making some more of the yeast rolls that I made last Monday.

Oh, yes, please read the blog entitled, "Clara's Corner", whose link is found under the blogs listed to the left of this posting. Read the entry about the car she sold to a young man. It is a very touching and true story. I know you will be blessed by the reading of it.

I just got a call from Carol, offering to purchase tickets for us to fly up to Illinois to spend Christmas with them and our grandson, Daniel and his family. I declined, sorry to say, but I just can't take Gramps out in the cold to travel. I keep the temperature in our house on 73 degrees and he still complains about it being cold. He is just not up to the travel, either. Besides which, the weather here is snowy, and will probably be that way around Christmas, and I don't drive in snow anymore. Sorry, kids. Thank you for your offer and for your kindness. We will miss seeing you all.

Well, it is about time for me to stop this rambling post, and get on with doing "stuff" around here. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. Much love to each of you. Bye for now.


Paula said...

Hello Grammy. It does take us longer to get things done. And, there are so many interruptions to the day. Fortunately for us, there are things we can do at home to keep our hands busy doing something we enjoy. Quilting. Off to the sewing room to work on some more blocks. Have a great day today! *smile*

Grammy said...

Dear Paula,
Yes, thank goodness for things to keep our hands and minds busy. I am working on a quilt right now for one of my grandsons. Thanks for visiting.

Anonymous said...

Like you, I got up this morning at 4:30 and decided to just stay up. I order a lot of stuff from L.L.Bean and am always pleased. It is such good quality stuff. Potato soup sounds just wonderful, too. I may make some today. That is a good idea. I just love Clara's story. TN said...

Grammy, thank you for mentioning my post. I think the young boy and his family are going to have a good Christmas. My good friend Carolyn and one of her neighbors went in together and bought him several boxes of groceries, two quilts, a sweat shirt, another shirt. three tobaggons and a toy for each child. And a card with a 20.00 dollar bill in it. I called him to come after it, and he was so appreciative . I think he is really trying. He said he had an appointment in Jan. to see if he could get WIC. And I have another friend who is sending him a I know they won't be hungry for a while. Are you ready for Christmas? I have wrapped presents all day today. I make a stocking for each of my grandboys, and I wrap every little thing I put in them. I think it is so much fun to watch them unwrap each one. They enjoy that more than anything. I'm going after them tomorrow and bring them here to stay with me for a while. i can't wait! Sending cheers and good wishes for a very Merry Christmas!