Wednesday, December 9, 2009

MIddle of the Work Week

Hey, Y'all,
Yesterday was a really busy day and I still didn't get it all done that I intended to do. I was up early (about 7a.m.) and was dressed and had breakfast by 8:30. I had great intentions to carry off the trash, go to Dandridge to pick up my sewing machine, stop at Walmart, stop at the grocery store, and stop at the drug store to pick up a prescription.

By 9:30, after having talked to the sew n' vac repairman in Dandridge to see that my machine was ready, I loaded up the trash and headed to the New Market Dumpsters. I had left the coffee ready to be turned on to drip and make by Gramps, and had set out his cereal and bowl, with the spoon in it. Of course, he was still in bed.

By a little past 10 a.m. I was talking to the repairman in Dandridge, and discovered that the machine was beyond repair without spending another 500-600 above the 125 that I already owed for the time he had spent taking it apart and putting it back together. Another hour and I was coming back home to get the quilt and show him the stitch I had been sewing. I had already decided to order a machine from him (now don't be saying, "Oh, man, she got taken in!". It ain't so.

The upshot was that when I went home to get the quilt, I also brought back the rest of the machine (embroidery part) and the book, so that he could get whatever he could for it. He also showed me how I could embroider free style using a regular zigzag machine. The machine that I took in cost close to a thousand dollars new, and it was not worth another 600 to put into it. The problem with it was the circuit board inside the machine that controls about everything concerning the stitches. The machine I ordered is a Necchi, top of the line zigzag and for less than I paid for the Brother embroidery machine. I guess you could say it is my expensive Christmas gift to me and to those who will be receiving stitched goods from me. (not this year's stitched gifts)

Well, by 1:00, I was leaving the sew n' vac shop and on my way back to Jefferson City, being somewhat lighter in my purse (ha), and stopped at Food City to pick up some groceries. Can you believe that I only missed getting one item on my list? I accidentally left the list in the car.
I had taken my buggy out and was getting the groceries put into my car when one of the baggers (I think he is as old as I am or pretty near it) and took over loading my car. I thought, "Well, now I know that 'you know you are considered to be old when someone as old as you are comes out to help you load your groceries into your car'" Ha ha.

By the time I got through there and stopped at the drug store drive through, it was close to 3 p.m., and I was dog-tired. I had missed lunch, and so by the time I got home and got the groceries unloaded and put away, it was 3:30. I heated a piece of left-over pizza and poured a glass of milk, and sat down with a paperback book and just rested and ate.

I went into the living room then and called Imazo to let her know that we were okay (she had called while I was out), and then I sat down on the couch, and before I knew it, I was waking up about 45 minutes later.

Our good friend, Mark, came over about 5:30 or so, and had some soup and sandwich with us. I had a chance to talk to my good friend, David, whose son I had tutored when the son, Taylor, was in first and second grades. Taylor is now in the eighth grade and having problems with Algebra. I reached back into my memory about 63 years and helped him solve one of the problems.

By the time that Mark left, I was ready to rest some more,and watched one of my favorite programs (slept through part of it) and decided it was time to go to bed. BIG mistake. After getting about 6 hours sleep, from then on it was sleep a while and then look at the clock, and then try to sleep some more. I realized last night that I was not as recovered from surgery as I thought I was. I guess my strength has not fully recovered, but I know it is on its way. Thank you, Jesus, for giving me strength to do what I need to.

Already this morning I have cleaned the kitchen (too tired last night) and am posting my blog. Good for me! Ha. It is only 7 a.m. and I am going to go have my breakfast and then get dressed for the day and make my sojourn to Wally World. Haven't done ANY Christmas shopping to amount to anything yet. I may take a nap this afternoon. I think I hear the man up and in the bathroom. Will he stay up? Who knows!

We had some wonderful rain last night, blowing and storming.I love that kind of weather at night, don't you? It is clear this morning. I looked out at 6 a.m. and saw stars twinkling in the sky and the temperature is in the 50's. I think it is supposed to turn colder this afternoon and tonight again.

Well, this is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. More later. Much love to all of you. Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

I bet you will love your new machine. Everyone needs to give their self a Christmas gift they really want. I got a new large computer screen for myself but I had a good excuse because the old one fizzled out! I must say I don't enjoy going to Wally World this time of the year. Just too many people. Thanks for coming by my place. I always enjoy your visits. TN said...

Hi Grammy, Congrats on your new machine. Did they take your old one as a trade=in? My daughter paid 2,5oo.oo for an embroidery machine and it isn't working. They want a big amount to fix it. She bought a brother instead, but she doesn't like it near as good. Her first one would almost talk to you! I'm gald you are albe to do what you do. You probably could run circles around me now. Don't get too smart....we've had enough of you being in the hospital. ;-)