Saturday, June 28, 2008

Remembering - A Younger Sister's Viewpoint

Hey there,

I was just remembering the life that my sister and I shared for so many years. As I mentioned yesterday, she passed away just six months ago. She had always been there as long as I can remember because she was 8 years older than I, almost to the day. We both had May birthdays, hers came 9 days after mine. All her life, she was a care-giver, in both the literal and figurative sense of the word. She cared about and cared for other people.

Margaret Elizabeth had a profound effect on the lives of others, myself included. She repeated eighth grade, not because she needed to, but because my mother wanted her there to watch over me when I was in first grade. (She never let me forget what she had done for me. ha.) She had to quit school after eighth grade, because she would have had to ride a bus a long distance to go, and Mom didn't want her doing that. I never really understood why she was reluctant to let Margaret go.

Margaret was the one who led me to the Lord when I was barely fourteen, during a revival service in church. For that, I will be eternally grateful. The picture above was taken a few years after I was married, I think probably about 1955. Margaret was always willing to help when ever and where ever she could.
She came several times to Indiana, where my first husband and I lived for about 8 years. Margaret came to help me when both my children were born. She knew a little more about "birthin' babies" than I did, even though she had never had any of her own. We shared a lot of laughs over the years over things that took place in our lives.
She is the only blood sister that I ever had, even though I have considered many friends that I have and have had as sisters. I miss being able to call her and talk to her. I miss being able to call in the winter time when it is snowing and tell her, "It's a fallin'". She would reply, "Yep, it sure is".
I miss her....
More tomorrow about Margaret.
This is Blabbin' Grammy signing out for now.


Mom B said...

That is so sweet! TN said...

Hi Blabbin' Granny, I found your blog via JUDY. I read in one of your posts that you live in New Market. My daughter lives in Blaine. I have been through New Market many times. I live just outside of Bristol, TN in a little town called Bluff City. We always go down 11 W through Rutledge.
I am tired and retired....LOL I worked at Raytheon for 32 years.
My husband is almost a complete invalid and I am his cargiver. has been sick for sixteen years.
Nice finding your blog. I'll be back. East TN

Daniel said...

Great blog! I don't think any of my friends have grandmothers who comment on their blogs, much less have blogs of their own! That makes you pretty cool! Look forward to hearing more of your memories about Aunt Margaret.

Judy said...

Hello again. Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments. The entry about your sister is so nice. I have 2 sisters and we are close. My older sister is 13 years older than me and was like a mother to me when I was younger. I see that Clara found you! She is another blog buddy in Tenn.

Serbian Mink said...

Hey there, Grammy Tia Ruby!

welcome to our cyberworld...lots easier that writing emails to catch folks up on yer wanderings, huh?

i'm about to update mine (just do it once a month, it bores me to tears writing it).

glad yer back safely....i've had similar "wrong way" experiences in Tucson. Suddenly some streets just turn into one way and if you miss the sign, you're dead meat on a hook. One time I did a U-ee by driving up on a sidewalk. That was in a rental car with other gov't passengers from Yuma riding with me. Fortunately, they were kind and did not report my reckless driving (that I know of).

Are you home for awhile now? Every time Vern calls Nana she hears that his Dad is "doin' okay".
???? congestive heart failure is not doin' okay.....but that's their nature....i know Vern would probably like to be there to help and i've offered to send him, but you know he's just like them. Sits on his fanny til the worst happens.

Love to you my blog update for the latest. a