Thursday, June 26, 2008

Back to Basics

Good Afternoon!
At least that is what it is for me. Just woke up from my daily afternoon nap, quite refreshed. What do you do when you get back from vacation? Probably what I do...wait a couple of days to unpack everything...what? you are not that laid-back? Then you are missing the best of life. However, I did wash all the dirty clothes we had brought back. The clean clothes in the suitcases can wait until I am inspired to unpack them.
My daughter teases me about embellishing my stories, but this one is true. Just ask Gramps...he was sitting there beside me, not opening his mouth, but probably ready to make a trip to the rest area by the time we got through to the other side of Dallas. (Dear readers, any and all comments would be appreciated at the end of the entry each day. I would love to hear from you, since I don't really know who reads and who doesn't.)
We went out on the porch this afternoon for a few minutes and it looks like rain is on its way.. Thank you, Jesus! I had to water my potted plants on the porch around 8 a.m. this morning. My family here in East Tn., Mark and Allie, came over and watered them for me while we were gone. My roses in the yard were really thirsty and I know they will appreciate the rain when it comes. I watered them also this morning, but as you may know, roses love water.
I also watered our tomatoes this morning, and they stuck out their little green tongues and lapped up the water.
Our family in Texas has long observed a "quiet time" in the evening when they read from the scriptures and then share their concerns and thanks to God with Him in prayers. We are hoping to institute that in our lives as well. Our prayer life is rather sporadic, consisting mostly of prayer at meal time and in special requests from the prayer line at church, and when there is a special need in our lives.
I will probably begin working on a new quilt sometime soon. My sister, who passed away six months ago tomorrow, had a lot of quilt pieces she had cut out, and I am in possession of them. More about that later. Enough blabbin' for now. More later. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for the evening.

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Mom B said...

So, you'll be one of those people who has real tomatoes that are safe to eat all summer. Lucky you!