Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Home for Awhile

Hey there from travelin' Grammy,

We traveled yesterday with little or no problems. While we were stopped for lunch in Brownsville, TN, however, we did have an opportunity to do a good deed. As we were leaving a Wendy's, a man who looked as though he were hungry stopped us and asked if we needed any work done. Dub said, "no, we don't live around here". The man replied, "It seems like nobody does." Then he asked if we could buy him a meal, that he was on his way to California. {He said he hadn't had a bite in days, so I bit him. (Ha ha, not really, just a joke) } Anyway, I said, "sure, come on in, and I'll buy you something to eat.

One other thing did happen, as we were driving along, and listening to the radio, I heard this big loud buzzing, and looked around for the reason, lifting my arms from the wheel and wondering what I didn't know yet about my new car. Then I realized that they were doing one of the "testing the emergency system" on the radio station things. Of course the radio had been turned up loud for my husband is very hard of hearing. The noise almost blasted us out of the car. I could have told them the emergency system was really working. ha ha.

We arrived back in Knoxville today and stopped at my brother's home to visit with them and to take them grocery shopping, along with another sister in law. So we got to have a nice visit, along with going out to breakfast with them and having a good time chatting about stuff that had happened while we were gone.

Now we are back at home in New Market and getting stuff unpacked, laundry done, and online banking done. It was wonderful to set my little round tush back into my computer chair, and open all the mail that had collected over the past 10 days. It was also wonderful to have the time to go visit with our Texas family. Pictures tomorrow.

Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now.

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